Bathing Your Dog (A Complete Guide)

How To Bathe A Dog At Home – Bathing Your Dog (A Complete Guide)

Dogsbathing your dog a complete guide - how to bathe your dog for the first time are our wonderful member of our family. As human beings dogs also need to stay clean and hygiene for a healthy life. Dogs need to bath time to time to maintain basic hygiene. Bathing plays an important role for a healthy dog. Coat and skin of the dog should be clean properly to keep your dog free from dandruff, hair fall and infection free from the dirt Dogs like to play in dirt and stinky place. Dogs should bath when they play with mud and dirt to prevent infection from germs.

Bathing your dog is not an easy job. If your dog doesn’t like bathing then it is very difficult for you to do so and it a lot less fun too. Some dogs even fight with you to get away from bathing. Here is the straightforward guide that has the process and helpful tips to bath your dog.

How often should I bath my dog?

Dogs don’t need to bath daily like we do but they need to bath regularly once in a month according to the dog’s environment. Besides, dogs who spend most of the time outdoors may require more frequent bathing than dogs who spend time mostly in indoors. Dogs with oily coat also need to bath frequently. Some dog whose fur and skin seems to be dirty but don’t lead to health issues then there is not require to bath frequently. But if the dog has skin issue then they need to be bath regularly with prescribed shampoo. The dogs who have short hair and smooth coats such as beagles do not need the frequent bath.

The dogs such as golden retrievers and the Great Pyrenees which have water repellent coats should also bath less to preserve their natural oils. Northern breeds who have thick coats should be bath less but need a lot of brushing.

It is not necessary to bathe your dog too frequently as your dog coats have natural oils, it makes the coat dry, frizzes and mats. Some shampoo may cause irritation to the dog’s skin so should be bath less often with proper shampoo.

Where to wash your dog?

bathing your dog - how often to bathe a puppy

If you have the small dog then you can easily fit the dog in sink and laundry tub. But if your dog is huge and can’t fit in the sink then use the bathtub for bathing. You can also get in the shower and use detachable tap. You can also bathe your dog in your yard with garden hoes and its fun too. But make sure that he does not catch a chill. Nowadays portable dogs tub are also available. Pet supplies stores can rent dog tubs and towels. Some place has dog bath facilities where they provide all bathing and grooming supplies and clean up for a fee.

How to wash your dog?

Firstly before washing your dog brush your dog’s coat and get rid of any tangles. Brush your dog’s hair with soft and wide bristled brush that is the best way to get them dry again.  Cut out matted hair as it holds water and causes your dog irritation on the skin. If you can’t cut the mats by yourselves then take your dog to professional groomers. Put a cotton ball in each ear to keep water out of the ear to prevent irritation and infections. Bathing space for your dog should be comfortable.

Dog’s skin is not like our skin and sensitive from our skin. Hot water can burn dogs so use warm water. Bath water should be warm as we use for human baby. Some large breed dogs can easily overheat so cool water is appropriate for them.

Talk to your dog in the calm and encouraging voice so that they will come to you and they do not feel like torturing them. Some dogs don’t like bathing and they run away and hide when you call them to the bath.

An appropriate shampoo is a must for a healthy skin and coat of your dog. After applying a shampoo gently massage your dog all over your dog’s body. Be careful with their eyes and mouth areas when applying the shampoo. Make sure they don’t consume shampoo. Dog conditioner is optional and is helpful for longer coat breeds.

Rinse much time as any soap or shampoo left in their skin can irritate them. Make them stand on a towel, this will stop them from slipping here and there. Wrap the towel on dog’s body and rub down the coat gently. Dogs also like to play tug of war with a towel after a bath. Air dry and blow dryer design for a dog should be used. Its temperature can prevent itching and dandruff. Don’t use a human blow dryer as it is too hot for dog skin.

Reward your dog after a bath. This will encourage them to the bath. Praise your dog by petting and playing with him. Give your dog treats with lots of love so that they will not run away from bathing.

Precaution during bathing your dog:

Wrong water temperature

Many dog owners don’t know that dogs skin are sensitive than human skin. The owners bath their dogs with either too hot or too cold water unknowingly. Always make sure that the bath water should be Luke warm as the water which is too hot or too cold can cause them a negative stimulus and lead them to resist taking a bath. Always check the water in forearm before wetting your dog to check the water temperature.

The spray is too rough

Always use a hand-held nozzle or spray in the sink or bathtub to bath your dog. Sometimes loud noise of water along with the pressure can scare your dog. Spray in your back of the hand to check whether the spray is intense or not. Then only move the nozzle to your dog’s body.

Using the wrong shampoo

bathing your dog - puppy sampoo

Avoid human shampoo on your dog even the product is an all-natural solution or a mild baby shampoos. Dog skin has distinct pH balance which is very different than human’s body. These shampoos will dry your dog’s skin. Always use your veterinarian recommended shampoo. The best shampoo product to use for a dog is an oatmeal- based shampoo manufactured only for pets. If your dog has skin issue then only use vet recommended shampoo after the examination on your dog. If your dog has sensitive skin then first test the shampoo on the leg of your dog and wait and check whether he has irritation or not from the shampoo before using it in a bath.

Wrong application of soap

Don’t soak in for few minutes while applying soap to the fur of your dog. This won’t get rid of dirt and oil, this will lose the grime. First, knead the soap on your dog’s fur with your fingers and hands for five minutes. Do this process from the legs to their face. Be careful while you do on your dog’s face, make sure the soap doesn’t go to their eyes or mouth. Use Cotton balls or wash-cloth with little shampoo on it. While rinsing the shampoo make sure the water does not go inside the ears. For the best bathing and grooming schedule for your dog refer to your vet.

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