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Beagle dog breeds are very friendly, merry and curious dogs. They are one of the funniest, happy go lucky, loyal and cute too. They have the most appealing dark brown or hazel eyes and the softest pleading expression. A Beagle can grow from 1 foot, 1 inch tall to 1 foot 3 inches tall and weight 18 to 30 pounds heavy. Beagles are very friendly and can become friends with anyone so it is not recommended to make then guard dogs. Also, Beagles are very protective about their food so you should probably not approach or tease them while they are eating. The average lifespan a Beagle can have is 10 to 15 years long. Let’s find out more on “Beagle Dog Information” below.

Origin and History

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There is no specific theory that explains the origin of the Beagle dog breed. Many people believe that the name Beagle was derived by the old English word “Beag” which means small and some believe that it was derived from the French word “begueule” which means open throat. The Beagle breeds gained they are popular very early in the history during 1307-1327 during the reigns of Edward and 1482-1509 during Henry VII. During the time, Beagles were extremely small and were known as Glove Beagles. The name was given to them because they were so small that they could be held in a gloved hand. Other Beagles were also mentioned during the time named Singing Beagles. This named Beagles has a very bugling voice.

Later in 1533-1603 9 inch tall Beagles became popular and Elizabeth used them for hunting., Later it was stopped as they were not so very fast and their popularity dropped down. However, the farmers of England, Ireland and Wales continued to breed them and used them to hunt rabbits and hares so they survived from being extinct. Finally, in 1884, the Beagle breeds were recognized by the American Kennel Club and began to register them.


The recommended amount of food for a Beagle is ¾ to 1.5 cups of high-quality food. You can divide this amount into 2 to 3 meals per day. You can also feed your dog more or less depending on various factors such as age, size, metabolism, physical activity level and build. And, you can also give your dog more or less food depending on how they feel. Suppose, if you feel bones when you touch them then you definitely should increase their food amount. But, if you see rolls on your dog then you should probably decrease the food amount and also put them on a diet. Also, all dogs love to eat and can eat as much as they are given even if they are full. Because of this, they can easily overeat and develop diseases like joint problems or develop obesity. So you should calculate their food amount and also limit their treats while training sessions.


According to some people, it is very difficult to home train a Beagle and can take up to a full year to train them at home. Because of this, Crate training is recommended. For this training, you must buy the perfect sized crate for your dog which must be fit for their size. Also, you should probably buy some toys for your dog to keep in their crate. This is because during the training you have to keep your dog in the crate every time you are not around. Because of this, your dog can develop separation anxiety but if they have their favorite toys inside then it can prevent them from developing the feeling of loneliness. Also, Obedience training is also recommended as despite being loving and gentle, Beagles can also be independent and stubborn at times as well.


The price for a Beagle can differ from various factors. One of the factors that can affect the price is the location. The price can depend according to the location the breeder lives in. Talking about the breeders, this is another factor that price depends on. If the breeder is a good one then the price may be higher than a local breeder. Also, another one of the factors is the season. Most people bring home puppies when they are on a vacation which is mostly during June and July. During this time most of the breeders tend to increase the price of the dogs than other seasons. Another factor is from whom you adopt your dog which can be breeders, rescue or animal shelters. Adopting from a breeder can be more expensive than from an animal shelter or rescue. The average price for a Beagle in the US is $800 to $1500.


The average number of babies a Beagle can give birth to is 6. However, the maximum number of babies is 10 and the minimum number of babies is 1. A Beagle can be pregnant for 63 to 65 days. However, if they don’t give birth after 65 days then they must be taken to a vet for a checkup. You will notice your Beagle stomach swelling up is pregnant after 2 weeks of pregnancy. In the first week of pregnancy, your dog can have a low appetite but after the 3rd to 4th weeks their appetite can increase to 20% to 30%.

Diseases and Their Cure

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Cherry Eyes

Cherry Eyes are one of the common diseases among Beagle dog breeds. This disease is a condition where the tear gland that helps with the production of tears comes out of its usual position and becomes swollen and red. Because of this it looks like there is a cherry on the corner of the eyes. If you see this on your dog then you should take your dog to their vet who will have to remove it through a surgery.


Glaucoma is also one of the common conditions in Beagles. In this condition the pressure within the dog’s eyes increases. As a result of this condition, their eyes become bigger and stretches. If this disease is not treated, then it can lead to partial or even complete blindness. You should take your dog to the vet immediately after you see their eyes becoming bigger or stretching.

Ear Infections

As Beagles have long floppy ears they are prone to have Ear Infection. The symptoms of having an ear infection are a bad odor coming from the ear or constant shaking or head. To prevent this, you should clean your dog’s ear every day or at least when they take a bath.

Intervertebral Disk Disease

Intervertebral Disk Disease is basically back problems for the dog. Dogs can suffer from serious back problems even though they do very less back bending and twisting. Symptoms of this condition are walking slowly or unstable, limping, shivering from pain, whining or crying when touches and also trouble having money. This disease may cause your dog to be partially or completely paralyzed or even suffer from urinary and fecal incontinence. If you any of the symptoms, you should immediately take your dog to the vet.

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