Best 10 Gallons Aquarium Tank Stands

A 10-gallon tank. You can be a beginner, someone who is just starting out in the hobby of fish keeping. You don’t want a huge tank yet. You want to know the first steps of keeping a tank. So you go for a 10-gallon tank. Probably not the most space consuming, huge tank. Probably you could just tuck it on some ledge or shelf in some corner of your home. Probably. But, you shouldn’t. An aquarium needs a dedicated space to itself. It has various equipment in and around it. It needs a power source near it. You may have babies or pets that get too curious and may just fiddle around with your tank. Thus, you need a tank stand. A sturdy, safe, multipurpose tank stand.

And that is what we have today for you. A list of the best 10-gallon tank stands present in the market. We will go in detail about each product in order to make it easy for you to choose the best one for your 10 gallons tank.

Best 10 Gallons Aquarium Tank Stands

There are loads and loads of companies, manufacturers, and brands in the market of tank stands. Some are pretty expensively priced, elaborate, grand designed high-end furniture showcase pieces while others just do their job. What we have here, is a list of the best manufacturers in the US market that make reliable, sturdy, easy to assemble, and most importantly, tank stands that won’t cost you a fortune. We have gone into details of our experience of using these tank stands and compiled the list for you.

Imagitarium Newport Wooden Tank Stand

Our first product comes from Imagitarium and if you search it up, you may find that the Newport Wooden Tank Stand is actually listed for 20-gallon tanks. However, from our personal experience, we have kept this on our 10-gallon tank stand list and you shall see why.

It stands 30.25 inches tall from the ground level. The base appears to be flat with the basal shelf but it actually stands on four small pegs that hold the two adjacent bars together. But it still sits very levelly, unless you totally screw its assembly. It is 12.75 inches wide from front to back and elongates to 24.75 inches in length. Now, as we said in the beginning, you will find it listed for a 20-gallon tank. But this stand is not actually for your normal 20-gallon long tank, as a 20G long tank is usually around 30.25 inches in length which is far too long for the stand. This may lead to the whole setup to be unstable and may lead to tipping and crashing. Also, what 20 gallons you keep may make a difference. It fits a normal 20-gallon Aqueon tank perfectly. While other normal 20 Gallon tanks may see overhang and stability issues, no matter 20 G tall or 20 G long. That is exactly why we suggest using this for 10-gallon tanks. Why take unnecessary risks.

So, this stand perfectly holds your 10 gallons tank. It has three shelves. The top shelf where you keep your tank, the middle shelf, and the bottom shelf. All three shelves are provided with thick plywood bases that act to distribute the weight of the tank and lend it total support. The top shelf is the thickest. Many customers have asked if they can fit a 10-gallon tank in the middle of the bottom shelf. Sadly, you cannot. The middle shelf and the bottom shelf were not made to hold 10 gallons tanks as they are not high enough to fit in those tanks. You may be wondering about removing the middle shelf and fitting in a 10 gallon in the bottom. However, the tank needs the middle shelf for stability and its removal causes tippy-ness. Hence, it is not advisable.

However, the open design of this stand gives you a lot of room to keep and customize aquarium equipment or other showpiece items. It also allows you to route and wound cables and cords around it easily. It is made up of wood which may be a problem if you have a leaking tank. But is clean and sleek. It looks black in low light but under bright lights, it gets this purplish-red hue. Altogether, this is a very modern-looking tank that goes well with the furniture of your home.

Key Attractions:

  • It comes with an easy to follow assembly guide. But even without it, it is quite easy to put together.
  • The wooden panels provide it with a huge weight carrying capacity of up to 200 lbs.
  • At 18.8 pounds it is light and easy to move around and also a light on your pockets as it is incredibly cheap.

Aquatic Fundamentals Metal Aquarium Stand

The Aquatic Fundamentals Metal Tank Stand, at the first glance, stands out quickly due to its looks.

It stands 29 inches tall from the ground which is an inch higher than its 29-gallon tank stand cousin. It stands on 4 legs that are connected to each other with four separate supporting bars. It elongates 12 inches in length and is mere 4 inches wide from front to back. But these dimensions are well enough to hold your 10-gallon tank sturdy. However, it has lip only kind of design which means that it only has supporting bars that hold the edges of the tank and not the entire base. You may, thus, need to fit plywood for equal support throughout the volume of the tank.

It is constructed from steel alloy and weighs in at merely 10 pounds. The weight is enough to support the weight of the tank and also, separately makes it compatible and easy to be moved around in case you want to change the position of the tank. However, with that lightweight also comes to the problem of it being tipsy, hence, you should be careful about children and pets moving it.

The stand is not just for keeping your tank but also should be pleasing to the eye. And this stand from the Aquatic Fundamentals fits the bill perfectly. The sidebars are carved to mimic the streamlined body of a fish and the scroll design between the two bars gives its artsy, vintage look as well as looks like the scales on a fish. You can add plywood on the basal shelf and add another tank in it, although the vertical height should be kept in mind. Also, we wouldn’t really recommend doing that as it would create instability in this slender tank. Overall, the design allows this tank to complement other furniture in your home decor as well as be a showpiece in itself.

The package doesn’t come with a pre-assembled stand. However, the assembly is quite easy as all the nuts, bolts, and equipment to set this stand up come with the package.

The surface has a powder-coated finish that provides it with moisture resistance. You can choose between the classic black and a bit more easily visible gray for colors.

Key Attractions:

  • It looks very vintage and beautiful and beautifully complements other furniture as well.
  • The powdered coated finish makes it moisture resistant.
  • The open design allows easy routing and wounding of cables and hoses in and around the stand.

Aqueon Forge Aquarium Stand

Aqueon should not be a new name for you if you are even mildly into the fish keeping hobby. They manufacture everything from full aquarium kits to filters. And they have also put their foot into the furniture part of the business.

It stands 28.2 inches tall from the ground. It tapers upwards for a 16.2 inches of length and 5 inches of width. The base area is larger than the top shelf which allows it to be sturdier by distributing weight more effectively. It weighs in merely at 15 pounds.

There seems to be confusion about what size of a tank it holds. This stand is specifically made for a 10-gallon aquarium with dimensions measuring 20 inches × 10 inches on top. Why we say specifically designed for that is because the top shelf has pegs on the edges that hold the 10-gallon tank of the given size in place. It helps to secure the tank against jolts and pushes. The bottom shelf can also hold a tank if you opt to put one there. The bottom shelf does have a reinforced plank that sits in the middle of a net-like structure. We advise not to put a tank any larger than a 5.5 gallon on the bottom shelf. You still have 7 inches of space between the bottom shelf and the ground and can fit in essentials.

It is made up of steel and is durable and solid in construction. The powder black coating does lend it a bit of moisture resistance. The design is quite different than any tank stand. It contains a brown or black wood panel that can be reversed just below the top shelf. These serve little functional purpose and are there for design. For some reason, the whole tank from the front end reminds me of a Kabuto or Samurai battle hat. Maybe, it’s just me.

The stand is sturdy and can easily carry the weight of 10 gallons up top and 5.5 gallons below. However, the assembly of the stand can be a bit tricky. Not because it is particularly hard but because while fitting you need to get the order of the pieces correctly. For example, you need to put the wooden centerpiece in before the designer brackets otherwise you may be hard-pressed to take it out again. All in all, it is a good looking, sturdy stand for a 10-gallon tank.

Key Attractions:

  • It allows you the space to hold up two tanks. One 10 gallons up top and another 5.5 gallons on the bottom shelf.
  • It is a good looking stand if not a conventional-looking one. It will surely add an edge to your decor particularly with the brown/beige wooden piece.
  • It has a powder coating which makes it moisture resistant.

Ameriwood Home Flipper Aquarium Stand

As we have said before, this is the only product in our list that is not manufactured by a company working on aquarium essentials or aquarium related equipment. The Ameriwood Home Flipper Tank Stand has been manufactured by “Flipper” which is a furniture company. And this can be seen in their design.

The stand stands 28 inches tall from the ground. The base of the stand depends upon the size of your tank. Wait what? Oh yes. This is a top to bottom palindrome stand. You can just flip the tank upside down and it will still, totally, work as a tank stand. No really it will. If you have a 20-gallon tank you use the larger shelf for it and if you have a 10 gallon tank, just flip it over and use the smaller side. The tank has no footpegs or separate stands on each side, it rests completely on the flat base which makes it sturdy. Apart from that, it elongates 25 inches in length and 15.7 inches wide from front to back.

It contains a cabinet in between two open spaces. The cabinet is approximately 17 inches in length, 12.5 inches high, and 14 inches in width. It is perfect to keep in your aquarium items and close the door to hide them from sight. The open spaces on both head and bottom also provide spaces to showcase the showpiece items.

The back panel also has a gap in the middle which allows space for cords and wires to be slipped in easily. The stand is black oak in color. And one of the few complaints about this is that in case water is spilled on the stand, it drips out along with a bit of furniture dye. Another complaint is that it is a tad bit difficult and time-consuming to assemble.

All in all, this is a very gorgeous looking piece of furniture that can easily take your 10 gallon tank.

Key Attractions:

  • You are provided with versatility as you can just flip the stand upside down to accommodate a 10 or 20-gallon tank in the same stand.
  • The Black Oak color is beautiful and accentuates the design.
  • It is quite sturdy and doesn’t intend to tip even when your cat climbs on top of it.

Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand

Our second Imagitarium product on the list and naught for nothing. This is the smaller cousin of the 29 gallon cousin.

The Brooklyn metal has been designed in a simple but effective manner so that it can carry as well as support your 10-gallon tank without any problems.

It stands almost 30 inches tall from the ground. However, it doesn’t stand flat on the ground. Rather it has little silver pegs on each of the four corners. These not just serve to level your stand but also add an additional feature. You can adjust the feet separately to ensure that your stand stays dead flat. Apart from that, it is 20.5 inches in length and 10.5 inches back to front wide. This just snugly fits your 10-gallon tank.

It weighs in at less than 14 pounds and has a solid steel construction. Steel makes it resistant to corrosion and elongates durability. Its matte black finish and minimalistic design let it seamlessly fit into the home decor while moving the attention towards the tank. The open design lets you move the wires and other aquarium related cords easily around the stand. The lower shelf can also handle a smaller sized aquarium or other essentials as well as decorative items.

The upper shelf where you are going to keep your tank has two vertical bars. But to be honest, the lack of a fully solid surface does bug us a bit. So, we suggest you keep plywood or thick broad of wood across so that the weight of the tank is uniformly distributed. This saves you from having small cracks in your tanks and leaking.

Key Attractions:

  • It has a minimalistic and simple design that doesn’t draw the eye away from the tank.
  • It is quite cheap too.
  • Since it is made up of steel, it is quite sturdy and carries the weight of the tank without any problem.

Things to consider before buying a tank stand

Material of construction

The material of construction makes a lot of difference in the tank stand. Denser, stronger materials make stronger stands that can carry the weight of the tank properly. While some materials are prone to corrosion and rusting, others aren’t. This increases the durability of the stand.  The material also has aesthetic significance. They help you to reduce weight while keeping strength. Overall, the material is the first thing you should consider.

Here are the three main kinds of materials used in tank stand construction.

  • Metal

As we have already seen in our list, steel, steel alloy are quite popular among the manufacturers and for good reason. Steel is naturally resistant to corrosion to a certain degree. And it is strong. The tensile strength and elasticity of steel mean that you can build a relatively open framework for your tank stand. This allows you to have easy access to the tank from the power socket and makes for easy routing of cables and hoses and cords. Materials like aluminum have also been traditionally used in the construction of structural frameworks as they cut down the weight without compromising much on strength.

  • Particle Board

We have heard this term along with MDF or fibreboard in our tank list before. But are you sure you know what these terms mean? Particleboard basically is like the meal you make with unwanted meat parts or leftover veggies, but only with wood. It is the product made out of relatively inexpensive waste wood products, combining with and heat pressing sawdust and resins.

On the other hand, MDF or Medium Density Fibreboard is a costlier alternative that is made by using small wood fibers instead of wood dust. Many of the products on our list feature MDF with laminations on top of them to protect them from moisture. These however do not suit saltwater tanks that much.

  • Plywood

Veneer refers to thin slices of wood and sometimes bark that is usually thinner than 3 millimeters and is typically glued onto the core panels to produce flat panels such as door, tops and panels or cabinets, parquet floor, and parts of furniture. Plywood is a material manufactured from the thin layers of piles of wood veneers that are glued together. It is an extremely versatile product and is less susceptible to water damage than MDF. These are used in higher-end branded stands and can cost you a bit much than MDF paneled stands.

Can it bear the weight of the tank?

Before you rush to the market and buy a tank stand, you should keep in mind the weight of your tank. Yes, the weight of your tank and not just the weight of the tank stand. A tank stand can be strong enough for a certain weight upon it but the same strong tank stand cannot carry weight over its limit. What we must be aware of, first of all, is the material that the tank is built with. Glass tanks are heavier than acrylic tanks. In fact, glass tanks weigh almost twice as heavy as acrylic tanks of the same volume. Hence, only the appearance of the volume of the tank is not enough to know its weight, the density of the material with which it is made should also be kept in consideration.

But, the real issue with the weight of the tank starts when it is filled with water and all the stuff that you want to put in your aquarium. One gallon of water will add up to 8 pounds of weight on your tank and subsequently on your stand. Add to that the weight of your substrate, whether you choose to add sand or gravel that too will add a considerable amount of weight on your tank stand. Fish, plants, additional decorative items within the tank, and filters that may hang on the tank, air pumps, and other equipment all add weight to be carried.

Therefore, before making a decision, we do need to calculate the gross total weight that will be placed upon the tank stand. Better to be prepared than sorry later.


If you just wanted somewhere your tank can be kept, you could easily keep it in one corner of the house on a random table or any kind of support. But that is not just negligent but also not convenient. You want a dedicated space for your tank for various credible reasons. At the same time, you don’t just want a tank stand that will just serve you to place your tank. You want some more, you want storage space.

There are various cables, wires, cords, hoses that go to and fro from your tank. You don’t want them dangling around making a mess around your aquarium. At the same time, there are other equipment related to the aquarium that you want to use but keep away from sight. The whole idea is to keep the focus on your aquarium and fish.

For that reason, you need storage space. And that comes along in various forms. In stands like the Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal you have open shelves while in others like the Ameriwood stands, you have closed cabinets to hide away your equipment as well as open spaces to show off decorative pieces. Choose according to your want.

Design and aesthetics

Design is not just how a thing looks. You can have a ship built and shaped like a Lamborghini, whether it will sail or sink is a different matter. Hence, the design is a part of the functionality. Our list includes tank stands that have open, closed, and a mixture of designs. The open, simple no enclosing panel kind of design is minimalistic and gives you easy access to the tank and also allows you to showcase your decorative pieces. These kinds of stands generally stay low profile while shifting the focus to the tank.

On the other hand, we have closed cabined stands that not just carry your stand but also act as a part of your furniture. Some stands are bare and rustic while others look modern and even quirky. There are stands that you can just flip upside down and use to carry a bigger tank.  

Furthermore, the design also plays a role during the assembly. The grander the design, the more complicated the assembly. Some are quite easy to put together while others need expertise and may also turn out a bit shaky. Hence, go for the design according to your home decor and desire.


Ah! Of Couse, the very tiny, almost inconspicuous issue of money. Jokes apart, most of the products on our list are low to moderately priced. And it is also true that you get what you pay for. But it doesn’t mean that the cheaper stands are useless. There are high end branded expensive and elaborate tank stands available in the market too. But, if you are a simple aquarium owner, you don’t want to be spending huge sums of money on a tank stand. You want something that is sturdy, durable, and can carry your tank’s weight without looking like a piece of junk. And every product on our list delivers on that.

Our Top Pick for the Best Tank Stands for 10-gallon tanks

Undoubtedly, our top pick for the best 10-gallon tank stand is the Imagitarium Newport. While it is true that it is listed as a 20-gallon tank, according to our experience of using the stand along with many others, we strongly suggest this as a 10-gallon stand because it works perfectly for it. It has three shelves, the top one easily fitting a 10-gallon tank, the middle one can be used for a 5.5-gallon tank. And better still you still have a bottom shelf. It is supplied with a thick board on each shelf that carries the weight very sturdily, allows lots of space as well as easy accessibility. And importantly, it comes at a very affordable price.


So, this is it, folks. This is our in-depth review of stands for 10-gallon aquariums. We have gone into detail describing each factor and feature of each tank. We have told you the positives, the negatives, the factors you may want to take in mind beforehand. I hope, you can now choose pretty easily and with confidence the product that suits you the most.

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