Best 55 gallons Tank Stands for your Aquarium

The larger the tank gets, the greater the volume the tank has, the more important for it to have its own personalized space. This is mainly because you cannot rely on furniture made for other purposes to carry the weight of the tank. Remember, a normal 55-gallon tank at least is 550 lbs in weight. So, you cannot just chug it on a table and hope it works.

That is exactly why we have prepared a list of the best 55 gallons tank stands in the market. As we move further in, we will go into great depth talking about the features, the positives, and limitations of each product.

Materials used in the construction of tank stands

Here are the three main kinds of materials used in tank stand construction.


As we will see in our list below, stainless steel, steel alloys are quite popular among the manufacturers and for good reason. What the metals bring to the table is their unadulterated strength. They are suited to make large stands that carry heavy, higher volume tanks. Steel is also naturally resistant to corrosion to a certain degree. The tensile strength and elasticity of steel mean that you can build a relatively open framework for your tank. This allows you to have easy access to the tank from the power socket and makes for easy routing of cables and hoses and cords. Materials like aluminum have also been traditionally used in the construction of structural frameworks as they cut down the weight without compromising much on strength. But, aluminum remains nit so popular and a bit pricey.

Particle Board and MDF

If you have read our reviews of tank stands, 10 gallons or 29, 30 gallons, or 55 gallons, you must have come across terms like “MDF” or “fibreboard” or “laminated particleboard” before. But you may not be sure you know what these terms mean. Particleboard is the product made out of relatively inexpensive waste wood products, combining with and heat pressing sawdust and resins.

On the other hand, MDF or Medium Density Fibreboard is a costlier alternative that is made by using small wood fibers instead of wood dust. Many of the products on our list feature MDF with laminations on top of them to protect them from moisture. These however do not suit saltwater tanks that much.


Veneer refers to thin slices of wood and sometimes bark that is usually thinner than 3 millimeters and is typically glued onto the core panels to produce flat panels such as door, tops and panels or cabinets, parquet floor, and parts of furniture. Plywood is a material manufactured from the thin layers of piles of wood veneers that are glued together. It is an extremely versatile product and is less susceptible to water damage than MDF. These are used in higher-end branded stands and can cost you a bit much than MDF paneled stands.

Why exactly do I need a tank stand?

  • Aquarium stands create a level surface for the aquarium kept on it. This prevents cracking and leakage.
  • Aquarium stands make it convenient for you to interact with your fish. They give a dedicated space or your aquarium and you don’t have to worry about the surroundings and solely focus on the fish.
  • Another good thing is that they give you storage space to keep and hide away your aquarium related equipment as well as other decorative pieces.
  • These are not just hunks of metal or wood standing in a corner, they add to the style quotient of your decor and also act as a part of the furniture.

Best 55 gallons tank stands

Aquatic Fundamentals Metal Aquarium Stand

We start our list with a simple yet classic tank stand. The Aquatic Fundamentals Metal Stand is one of those stands that are simple, rustic, no overly complicated complex design features, and yet far from your inconspicuous steel structure. This stand just looks nice, and just the right amount of nice.

It stands just slightly over 28 inches tall from the ground. It has four legs that are supported by steel bars that also act as the bottom shelf. The bars that act as legs taper inwards in the middle and taper outwards on the bottom and near the top shelf providing more surface area for the base and top shelf and still being “thin waisted” in the middle. This gives the tank stand an illusion of being slimmer than it actually is without compromising on the stability or sturdiness. Moving on, it is slightly over 48 inches in length. Now, if you have read our reviews for the best 10 gallons or even 29 and 30 gallon tank stand reviews, you will realize that this is the first line of products that have their lengths longer than the height. At 55 gallons of volumes, this is almost a norm and provides for safer and sturdiness in the stand by lowering the center of mass of the whole structure downwards, nearer to the ground. It is 12.8 inches in width from back to front.

When you own a tank stand like this, aesthetics play a huge role. You just don’t want a stand to carry your tank, you also want it to look good. And this one from the Aquatic Fundamentals looks really good. The sidebars are curved to mimic the streamlined body of a fish and the scroll design between the two bars gives it an artsy, vintage look as well as looks like the scales on a fish. It is a “lip only” kind of stand in the sense that it just has supporting bars that carry the edges and the corners of the tank and not a solid surface that carries the entire volume. The top shelf has three vertical support bars, however, that prevent the weight of the tank being put only on the corners and stop cracking. While, it does have space underneath, which is almost equal to the size of the top shelf, it only has two vertical support bars in close proximity in the center. So, we suggest that you use a plank or plywood or thick broad that fits the shelves, to reinforce the stand. This will help distribute the weight of the tank equally along the entire surface area of the shelves and prevent it from cracking and leaking.

It is constructed from steel alloy and weighs merely at 28 pounds making it very compatible and easy to shift here and there. On the same hand, high-quality construction makes it durable and easily able to carry the weight of your tank. Many users ask if the stand could be used to carry two aquariums, one on the top shelf and the other on the bottom. Sadly, the manufacturer does not clarify the maximum weight it carries. But we, from our personal experience can tell you that yes, it can carry two 55 gallon tanks above and below. Wait, before you stack up two 55 Gs on the stand, let me finish. Yes, it can carry two 55 gallons tanks but you can be hard-pressed to fit one in the bottom shelf. And just because it fits shouldn’t mean it should go in there. Ahem. A 55 gallons tank weighs in 650 lbs and the tank can, at least for a certain amount of time can safely carry 1300lbs but it causes trouble in leverage and may end up in the whole structure falling down front ways. So, no, but only one 55 gallon tank on the top shelf.

 There are two V-shaped support bars in the back. You will have to pay a bit more attention to set this stand up but it is quite easy as the package includes the equipment necessary to set it up.

The surface has a powder-coated finish that provides it with moisture resistance. Another thing is the colour, the powder-coated silver colour just stands out in the right proportions along with the silver vein scroll design on the side. Overall, the stand does what it is meant to do and looks good without pulling too much attention.

Key Attractions:

  • It looks really vintage and fits seamlessly with other furniture in your home.
  • The powder-coated finish makes it moisture-proof.
  • It is sturdy and strong and since it is open it makes the accessibility towards the tank very easy.

Aquatic Fundamentals Upright Aquarium Stand

Our second product comes from another regular manufacturer that has been a constant in our tank stand lists, Aquatic Fundamentals.

The Aquatic Fundamentals Upright Stand rises 28.25 inches tall from the ground. It stands flat on a basal surface that is made up of one singular piece of the wood panel. Not having any legs or pegs gives it sturdiness and stability. It elongates to 49.375 inches in length and is 13.125 inches in width from front to back.

The bigger the volume of the tank, usually, the more the equipment that is associated with the aquarium. The bioload increases and you see the necessity for equipment like protein skimmers, which are tall and take a lot of space. This stand allows you the space to store and hide away from the eye of all the equipment. This stand has two front doors that open wide enough. They separately open into two spaces for storage. The openings are 27 inches tall and 11.25 inches wide, giving you easy access to the storage space inside. The doors do not meet together because there is an 8 inch of a solid piece of wood between them that also compartmentalizes the space inside. The two doors have magnet locks with soft closure. The back panel is exactly like the front panel except that it doesn’t have doors. This essentially makes the back open except for the 8 inches of separation between the two huge spaces. The backspaces are 19 inches wide and 27 inches tall which gives you enough opening to put inside almost any equipment related to the aquarium. The 8-inch wood piece between the two provides support to the whole structure.

The stand when fully assembled weighs in at 74.6 pounds. It has a sticker that says it can bear a load of up to 550lbs. However, that stand is not a fully solid rectangular piece. The back is almost non-existent except for the 8-inch wide wood panel for support. This does raise certain questions on the stability and load-carrying capacity of the stand. But it does the job that it advertises. From our experience, we can say that it carries a 55-gallon tank without any trouble and feels sturdy enough.

The storage space inside is one whole big space and doesn’t have horizontal support to divide it into cabinets. And at the same time, there questions raised upon the stand regarding whether it can be a viable option for you if you have a tank with a sump. Unfortunately, this is a problem. For a 55 gallon with a sump, the space inside the tank is not large enough to support it. But if you have smaller tanks, say a 29-gallon tank, then you can add the sump provided that you add it before you assemble the top shelf. It’s all a bit messy.

It is made up of powder-coated particle board and not exactly wood. The powder coating lends it moisture resistance. But do not fully rely on it. If you drop water on the stand, wipe it as soon as possible because this stand has been known to absorb water and swell up.

Key Attractions:

  • It has a huge storing space that is easily accessible from the two front doors.
  • It has enough space from the back too to let in wires and cords towards the tank.
  • It has a flat base with no small pegs or foot which makes it sturdy.

Aquatic Fundamentals Black Aquarium Stand

The second Aquatic Fundamentals product on our list and reminds me of a bit of the famous Singapore building and tourist attraction, the Marina Bay Sand, the obvious difference being that this has only two supporting columns, unlike Marina Bay sand which has three.

The stand rests on a flat particleboard panel. It has no small pegs or legs of any sort which makes it absolutely sturdy and dead level. It stands 27.9 inches tall from the ground. .It is almost 50 inches in length and is 14.5 inches in width. It is the heaviest stand on our list as it weighs 87.6 lbs in weight.

Now, the design of this stand is a bit different, to say the least. It has a flat basal surface that distributes the weight of the tank to be kept on top, equally all along the surface. Then it has two boxes. Two box-like storage spaces that are actually open in the back have doors in the front. They aren’t drawers and cannot be pulled out. The doors do take some assembly and adjustment to be made to open just right. On top of the two boxes of storage space, you have metal rods rising up to the top shelf. There are four rods, one on each corner of the storage space. These support the top shelf which is one, complete Medium Density Fibreboard panel, unlike the base which has three separate panels. Now, at a glance, this might look a bit susceptible and not strong enough to hold the weight of the tank, but it does hold a 55 gallon truly without any problem. The sticker on it says it can handle a 55-gallon tank with 550 lbs of weight and no larger than that. However, a 55-gallon tank, fully filled and with all the equipment and decorative pieces and substrate can way excess of 600 lbs. The stand carries this weight without problem as the 550lbs calculation comes from 10 pounds per gallon industrial rate.

The panels and boxes are made up of Medium Density Fibre and the supporting rods are metal. You may encounter a bit of a problem during the assembly as it is time-consuming but trust the instruction manual and it gets easier.

Many people ask if they can fit two separate small aquariums in the empty spaces between the supporting bars. I say yes. You can. However, the issue is not about space but of weight. The space is large enough to handle two small-sized aquariums but this may push the total weight of the burden on the stand beyond the limit. Hence, it is not advisable.

All in all, this is a good looking stand that may look a bit suspect for weight handling but it does it’s job without any problem at all.

Key Attractions:

  • The two storage spaces provide enough space to hide the equipment away from sight.
  • This stand just looks cool. Like some modern TV stand.
  • It is really sturdy and solid despite looking a bit light.

Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand

The Brooklyn Metal is a simple but effectively designed tank stand for your 55 gallon tank.

It has a horizontal length of 48 ½ inches. Its width is 13 ½ inches front to back and it rises up from the ground to a height of 29 ½ inches. However, the product features adjustable feet that allow you to level the stand before you add your tank. So the height of the tank stand really varies, to a certain degree, on how you adjust the basal part or the feet. Just make sure that when you put a full tank on the stand it is completely level otherwise the tank develops cracks due to continued stress on the lopsided side.

It weighs in at 34.5 pounds and has a solid steel construction. This makes it more resistant to corrosion and elongated durability. It has a sleek and modern design and will certainly catch your eye if you like minimalistic furniture. It has a matte black finish to it that adds to the aesthetics. The Brooklyn Metal due to its open design concept allows you great versatility to keep a tank and other aquarium related stuff or even two tanks.

However, the vertical clearance of the bottom shelf is just under 25 inches. The presence of supporting bars underneath eats into the actual height of the stand. Furthermore, the bottom shelf is only provided with 2 support bars along the length of the tank while the top shelf also has two additional supporting bars that are along the width of the tank. So, if you want to place a tank on the bottom shelf or for that matter, any object on the bottom shelf you will need to keep a supporting plank or plywood. This will further eat into the vertical space of the bottom tank shelf.

Apart from this, the tank stand is very sturdy and well-constructed. It can without doubt carry a load of your tank with ease. Also, each leg of the tank stand contains a stopper to stop it from rolling and skidding.

The packaging doesn’t come with the stand already assembled. You will need to assemble it yourself but it isn’t a difficult task at all and you also have an easy to follow instruction manual.

Key attractions:

  • Simple minimalistic design.
  • Loads of room underneath the top shelf that can be used for another smaller aquarium or placing other stuff.
  • Open design helps keep the wires and plugs untangled and at easy reach from the power socket.
  • The sturdy and reliable steel construction makes it resistant to corrosion and can handle large weight effectively.

Caitec TitanEze Aquarium Stand

If there is one sentence that you can say for the TitanEze Aquarium Stand, it would be: you get what you see.

This stands taller than any other stand on our list at 32 inches of height. It has four feet that are supported by supporting bars of both basal as well as top-shelf. The foot endings have rubber paddings over them that not just soften their impact on the floor but also don’t allow the stand to skid and slide. It is 50.5 inches long. But, the two vertical supporting bars, both in the top shelf as well as bottom shelf lie inside of the horizontal bars. Thus the actual length is slightly less by one inch on both sides. It is 13 inches wide. At these dimensions, it is perfect to carry a 55-gallon tank on the top shelf.

But hold on, unlike every other tank stand that we have reviewed, this is the only stand that clearly lists that it is a dual carry stand. This means this can carry two tanks, one on the top shelf and one on the bottom shelf. Yes, both 55-gallon tanks. It handles both the weight and the leverage pretty well. Apart from that, you can use it to keep an aquarium and other pet homes as well.

However, it has an “edge only” or “lip only” kind of design which means that this stand supports only the edges of the tank through the supporting bars while the rest surface area pf the tank remains unsupported. So, this is already a no-no for an acrylic tank and even for a glass tank, after a certain time period, it starts to develop small cracks under its own weight. Hence, we suggest you keep a flat panel of wood or plywood on the top and the bottom shelf as per necessity. Apart from that, the tank is quite simple in design. Open so that the accessibility to the tank is easy. It has two swerve like designs on each corner if the front side which adds just a bit of style to it. It is very easy to assemble as it has no complicated parts. However, some customers have reported it being slightly wobbly so stacking it against the wall should stop that from happening.

Key Attractions:

  • It is simple and opens designed so that it doesn’t attract too much attention while doing its job perfectly.
  • It is quite inexpensive.
  • It can carry up to two 55 gallon tanks, one on the top shelf, and the other on the bottom.

Sauder 416443 Select Aquarium Stand

We have talked about how most of our tank stands come from companies that manufacture equipment related to aquariums. There are very few examples of furniture manufacturers that have dedicated a branch of their company for tank stands. Sauder along with Flipper is one such company. It is a furniture manufacturer and it can be seen in the design.

It stands 28 inches tall from the ground level. It has 4 feet on each corner of the tank, at the same time it also has two separate feet in the middle just underneath the cabinets. The endings of the feet on the corners have plastic shoes like structures that help to keep your floors from being scratched by the stand. These elongate 48.5 inches in length and are 12.75 inches wide. It weighs in at 71 pounds of weight. It carries a regular 55-gallon tank with ease.

When you get the shipping, it arrives in a box marked as ”Aqueon” for some reason that I haven’t yet managed to solve. But it is definitely manufactured by Sauder. As we mentioned above, Sauder is a furniture company and this can be seen in the design of the stand. It is made like a bedroom or living room cabinet which just blends into your home decor. The front end has two doored cabinet which occupies half of the front face space in the middle. The doors open into two spaces divided by a shelf in the middle. There are four round holes for routing in wires and cables, two on the upper shelf and two on the lower. The center cabinet is surrounded by two open spaces with upper and lower shelves. The shelves themselves are adjustable as the inner surface of the side panel has 5 pairs of holes that help you move your shelf upwards or downwards. It also has a cord management system.

It has a Jamocha Wood finish but it is made up of laminated particleboard. The blacktop shelf with a deep coffee-brown color looks really beautiful. You may want to keep water leakages away from it though. All in all, it is beautiful furniture that carries a 55-gallon aquarium with easy.

However, the most frequent complaint about this stand is the time it takes to assemble. It can take you a few hours but it has an instruction manual with easy to read and understand instructions underneath pictures.

Key Attractions:

  • It is good looking and in itself is a very splendid piece of furniture.
  • It gives you cabinets to hide away your aquarium essentials as well as open shelves to showcase other decorative items.
  • The shelves are adjustable or completely removable and have a cord management system. 

Our top pick

Each and every product listed above does its job perfectly. It falls upon you as to which stand you choose depending upon your means and requirements. However, if we here had to pick one single product as the best overall product, we would choose the Aquatic Fundamentals Metal Aquarium Stand.

We absolutely love the simple and minimalist design. It is a stand and it looks like it. At the same time, it doesn’t look like just steel bars attached together in a makeshift way. The silver vein scroll design and the streamlined design of the sidebars give it a vintage and classy look. At the same time, the material of the construction makes it sturdy and stable and it carries the weight without any trouble. It has an open design so things shouldn’t always be how they are. You get enough room and features to play with.

Hence, this is our top pick without a doubt.

Things to consider before buying

Material of construction

We have discussed this matter above, so I won’t go into detail. However, the material of construction makes a lot of difference in the tank stand. Denser, stronger materials make stronger stands that can carry the weight of the tank properly. While some materials are prone to corrosion and rusting, others aren’t. This increases the durability of the stand.  The material also has aesthetic significance. They help you to reduce weight while keeping strength. Overall, the material is the first thing you should consider.

Weight of the tank

Before you rush to the market and buy a tank stand, you should keep in mind the weight of your tank. Yes, the weight of your tank and not just the weight of the tank stand. A tank stand can be strong enough for a certain weight upon it but the same strong tank stand cannot carry weight over its limit. What we must be aware of, first of all, is the material that the tank is built with. Glass tanks are heavier than acrylic tanks. In fact, glass tanks weigh almost twice as heavy as acrylic tanks of the same volume. Hence, only the appearance of the volume of the tank is not enough to know its weight, the density of the material with which it is made should also be kept in consideration.

But, the real issue with the weight of the tank starts when it is filled with water and all the stuff that you want to put in your aquarium. One gallon of water will add up to 8 pounds of weight on your tank and subsequently on your stand. Add to that the weight of your substrate, whether you choose to add sand or gravel that too will add a considerable amount of weight on your tank stand. Fish, plants, additional decorative items within the tank, and filters that may hang on the tank, air pumps, and other equipment all add weight to be carried.

Therefore, before making a decision, we do need to calculate the gross total weight that will be placed upon the tank stand. Better to be prepared than sorry later.

Space that the tank offers

If you just wanted somewhere your tank can be kept, you could easily keep it in one corner of the house on a random table or any kind of support. But that is not just negligent but also not convenient. You want a dedicated space for your tank for various credible reasons. At the same time, you don’t just want a tank stand that will just serve you to place your tank. You want some more, you want storage space.

There are various cables, wires, cords, hoses that go to and fro from your tank. You don’t want them dangling around making a mess around your aquarium. At the same time, there are other equipment related to the aquarium that you want to use but keep away from sight. The whole idea is to keep the focus on your aquarium and fish.

For that reason, you need storage space. And that comes along in various forms. In stands like the Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal you have open shelves while in others like the Sauder Jamocha Wood stands, you have closed cabinets to hide away your equipment as well as open spaces to show off decorative pieces. Choose according to what you want.

It must look good

Design is not just how a thing looks. You can have a ship built and shaped like a Lamborghini, whether it will sail or sink is a different matter. Hence, the design is a part of the functionality. Our list includes tank stands that have open, closed, and a mixture of designs. The open, simple no enclosing panel kind of design is minimalistic and gives you easy access to the tank and also allows you to showcase your decorative pieces. These kinds of stands generally stay low profile while shifting the focus to the tank.

On the other hand, we have closed cabined stands that not just carry your stand but also act as a part of your furniture. Some stands are bare and rustic while others look modern and even quirky. There are stands that you can just flip upside down and use to carry a bigger tank. 

Furthermore, the design also plays a role during the assembly. The grander the design, the more complicated the assembly. Some are quite easy to put together while others need expertise and may also turn out a bit shaky. Hence, go for the design according to your home decor and desire.


Folks, “investment” is just a fancy word for money. Of Couse, the very tiny, almost inconspicuous issue of money. Most of the products on our list are low to moderately priced for the features they pack. And it is also true that you get what you pay for. But it doesn’t mean that the cheaper stands are useless. There are high end branded expensive and elaborate tank stands available in the market too. But, if you are a simple aquarium owner, you don’t want to be spending huge sums of money on a tank stand. You want something that is sturdy, durable, and can carry your tank’s weight without looking like a piece of junk. And every product on our list delivers on that.


So, this was our detailed and comprehensive guide on 55-gallon tank stands. We personally have used many of these products, and have detailed out the strong points and flaws from each product. Our personal favorite is the Aquatic Fundamentals Metal Tank Stand as you can see that we are kind of biased towards normal, simple tank stands that put the focus on the aquarium without compromising their main duty and not looking out of place. However, the final decision is on your hands and you should choose based on what your needs are. I hope we have helped in that aspect.

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