Best Tank Stands for your 20 gallons Aquarium Tank

In this article, we will dive deep into the best tank stands for 20-gallon aquariums. In many other similar articles over the internet, we have found a lot of confusion, mistakes in data, and even one product is shown in the pictures while the information is written was completely about another product, all of which led to some unresolved questions in the minds of the customers.

Best 20 gallons Aquarium Tank Stands

This list doesn’t contain all the products available in the market, of course. But we have compiled the best, the most sort after products in the market and dissected their features, their strengths, and weaknesses in detail.

Imagitarium Newport Wooden Tank Stand

Our first product comes from a pretty consistent name on our list, Imagitarium. Their stands are known for simplicity, easy assembly all the while quietly doing the job they are supposed to. We featured this exact product on our “Best Tank stands for 10-gallon aquariums” as well. So, this might raise a few eyebrows as to why it makes its appearance on a 20-gallon tank stand list. Also, while researching this product we found many questions about what volume of the tank this stand actually fits since the manufacturer has clearly listed it fir 20 gallons but there are frequent questions raised on the reviews. Let’s go into1 a bit of detail.

It stands 30.25 inches tall from the ground level. The base appears to be flat with the basal shelf. But on close inspection, you will notice it actually stands on four small pegs that hold the two adjacent bars together. This may lead to few questions over whether or not it can provide a level surface or what happens if you just dis-assemble or lose one peg while setting it up. All legit concerns. So be warned beforehand. But it still sits very levelly, unless you totally screw up its assembly. It is 12.75 inches wide from front to back and elongates to 24.75 inches in length. Now, as we said in the beginning, you will find it listed on our 10 gallons as well as 20-gallon tank stand list. But this stand is not actually for every kind of 20 gallons tank. It does support a normal 20-gallon tank. However, a 20 gallons long tank is usually around 30.25 inches in length which is far too long for the stand. This may lead the whole setup to be unstable and may lead to tipping and crashing if disturbed. Also, what 20 gallons you keep may make a difference. It fits a normal 20 gallons Aqueon tank perfectly. While other normal 20 Gallon tanks may also see overhang and stability issues, no matter 20 G tall or 20 G long. So, we would suggest you to carefully measure your tank and match with the dimensions of this stand before purchasing it. Do not take unnecessary risks.

So, we hope that solves the issue. Moving on to other features, it has three shelves. The top shelf where you keep your tank, the middle shelf, and the bottom shelf. All three shelves are provided with thick plywood bases that act to distribute the weight of the tank and lend it total support. The top shelf is the thickest. Many customers have asked if they can fit a 10 gallons tank in the middle of the bottom shelf. Sadly, you cannot. The middle shelf and the bottom shelf were not made to hold 10 gallons tanks as they are not high enough to fit in those tanks. You may be wondering about removing the middle shelf and fitting in a 10 gallon in the bottom. However, the tank needs the middle shelf for stability and it’s removal causes tippy-ness. Hence, it is not advisable. The tank stand-alone weighs 13.9 pounds.

However, the open design of this stand gives you a lot of room to keep and customize aquarium equipment or other showpiece items. It also allows you to route and wound cables and cords around it easily. It is made up of wood which may be a problem if you have a leaking tank. But is clean and sleek. It looks black in low light but under bright lights, it gets this purplish-red hue. Altogether, this is a very modern-looking tank that goes well with the furniture of your home.

Key Attractions:

  • The stand has three separate shelves which give you more than enough space to keep your tank as well as related equipment and other items.
  • The wooden panels provide it with the ability to redistribute the weight of the tank throughout the surface area and prevent it from cracking.
  • Its simple to open design makes the tank very easily accessible for power cords and wires.

Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand

Oh well. Another Imagitarium product. And once again it is the popular Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand. I wonder why we keep suggesting this tank stand! Maybe because it is so simple, cheap, and effective?

Yes, the Brooklyn Metal’s design doesn’t catch your eye right from the doorway. It is a simple but effectively designed stand and it holds your 20-gallon tank without any hassle.

It rises up from the ground to a vertical height of 29 ½ inches. It has four separate legs where each leg is supported by two adjacent basal bars. It doesn’t stand flat on the ground on the feet, however. It has small silverish footpegs underneath each leg. While it may seem counterintuitive to have a tank stand on pegs that don’t even look fully flat instead of a flat foot, the pegs do serve a purpose. These pegs help to level and adjust each leg separately to a certain extent so that your tank has a dead level base. So the height of the stand really varies, to a certain degree, on how you adjust the basal part or the feet. Just make sure that when you put a full tank on the stand it is completely level otherwise the tank develops cracks due to continued stress on the lopsided side. It has a horizontal length of 30 inches, but precisely, the bolts stick out about 1/8 inch on each side making the length oh-so-slightly longer. Its width is 12 ½ inches front to back. Originally, you may have found this exact stand on our 29-gallon tank stand list. So, this stand can hold your 20 gallons tank without any problem as it was meant to carry a much larger weight.

It weighs in at 14.6 pounds and has a solid steel construction. This makes it more resistant to corrosion and elongated durability. It has a sleek and modern design and will certainly catch your eye if you like minimalistic furniture. It has a matte black finish to it that adds to the aesthetics. The Brooklyn Metal due to its open design concept allows you great versatility to keep a tank and other aquarium related stuff or even two tanks.

However, the vertical clearance of the bottom shelf is just under 25 inches. The presence of supporting bars underneath eats into the actual height of the stand. Furthermore, the bottom shelf is only provided with 2 support bars along the length of the tank while the top shelf also has two additional vertical supporting bars that are along the width of the tank. So, if you want to place a tank on the bottom shelf or for that matter, any object on the bottom shelf you will need to keep a supporting plank or plywood. This will further eat into the vertical space of the bottom tank shelf. Thus, the maximum size of the aquarium tank that you can put on the bottom shelf is 20 H. 20H refers to a 20 gallon tank but it is different from your normal 20 gallons tank because it is taller rather than longer. Make sure that you have an adequate room above your tank on the bottom shelf because you will need that space to keep the equipment and devices that are related to your aquarium. Now, be reminded that this is strictly just mathematical calculation. This stand does have the space to carry two 20 gallon tanks but we wouldn’t advise that. The manufacturer doesn’t have any sticker on the stand that specifies the exact amount of weight it can carry. It is made for a 29-gallon aquarium so it will certainly carry the weight of one 20 gallon tank. However, two 20 G tanks or even one 20 gallons and another 10 gallons might be a step too far. Also, this will contribute to leverage problems and may result in the tank tipping down.

Also, the stand has a “lip only” kind of design as it has no complete plank or board on the shelves. This means that the stand supports only the edges of the tank and not the whole bottom surface which may lead to cracking after a certain period of time. We suggest you cut out a sheet of plywood to be kept on top of the top and bottom shelves.

Apart from this, the tank stand is very sturdy and well constructed. It can without doubt carry a load of your tank with ease. Also, each leg of the tank stand contains a stopper to stop it from rolling and skidding.

The packaging doesn’t come with the stand already assembled. You will need to assemble it yourself but it isn’t a difficult task at all and you also have an easy to follow instruction manual.

Key attractions:

  • Simple, not at all complicated design that is easy to assemble and move around.
  • Loads of room underneath the top shelf that can be used for another smaller aquarium or placing other stuff.
  • Open design helps keep the wires and plugs untangled and at easy reach from the power socket.
  • The sturdy and reliable steel construction makes it resistant to corrosion and can handle large weight effectively.

Ameriwood Home Flipper Aquarium Stand

Very often in the world of fish keeping hobby, you see aquarium companies manufacture almost everything related to the aquarium. From tanks, filters, lights, other equipment to even tank stands. But the Ameriwood Home Flipper Aquarium Stand is unique in that regard. It is manufactured by a furniture company, Flipper. And the design of the stand makes it plenty clear that Flipper knows what they are doing.

This stands 28 inches tall from the ground. Being manufactured by a furniture company is not the only unique thing about this stand. Another cool feature is that the base of the stand depends upon the size of your tank. Yes, you heard that correct. This tank has two separate sized supporting surfaces, either of which can be used for the top surface that holds the tank. You can just flip the tank upside down and it will still, totally, work as a tank stand. No, really it will. If you have a 20-gallon tank you use the larger shelf for it and keep the bottom flat surface on the floor and if you have a 10-gallon tank, just flip it over and use the smaller side while the wider surface acts as the base. The tank has no footpegs or separate stands on each side, it rests completely on the flat base which makes it sturdy. Apart from that, it elongates 25 inches in length and 15.7 inches wide from front to back.

It contains a cabinet in between two open spaces. The cabinet is approximately 17 inches in length, 12.5 inches high, and 14 inches in width. It is perfect to keep in your aquarium items and close the door to hide them from sight. The open spaces on either side of the cabinet also provide spaces to showcase the showpiece items.

The back panel also has a vertical gap in the middle which allows space for cords and wires to be slipped in from the power source easily. The stand is black oak in color. And one of the few complaints about this is that in case water is spilled on the stand, it drips out along with a bit of furniture dye. Another complaint is that it is a tad bit difficult and time-consuming to assemble.

All in all, this is a very gorgeous looking piece of furniture that can easily take your 10 gallon tank.

Key Attractions:

  • Of course, the greatest benefit of having this stand is that you can use it to hold either a 10-gallon tank or a 20-gallon tank by simply flipping the stand upside down.
  • The stand looks beautiful in itself and will definitely add to the aesthetics of the aquarium.
  • It is quite heavy duty and doesn’t show the intention to tip or shake.

Aqueon Forge Aquarium Stand

The Aqueon Forge comes from a very well known and trusted name inside the aquarium business,  Aqueon. They manufacture everything related to the aquarium and have also put their hands into the furniture side of the hobby. And the result is quite stunning.

Now, the first and foremost thing I would like to clear here, is the question that we see a lot of customers ask online and seem to be still confused about: What volume of the tank does the Aqueon Forge carry? 10 gallon or 20 gallons? There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding this because many review pages and websites seem to link the wrong product on Amazon. There are five separate Aqueon Forge Stands, one of which we have already featured on our 10-gallon tank stand list and the second one is the one we are featuring here. The first that we featured on our 10-gallon list, the Aqueon Forge Aquarium Stand 20 by 10 inch” is exclusively listed for a 10-gallon tank And the one we are talking about here is simply called “Aqueon Forge Aquarium Stand” and is made for a 20-gallon tank up top. In fact, Aqueon offers 5 different versions of the “Aquoen Forge Tank Stands” starting from the smallest “20×10 model” which is meant for a 10-gallon tank on the top shelf, moving up to “25×8 model” meant for Aqueon 13 Windscreen tank, “24×12 model” meant for a standard 15-gallon tank, “30× 8 models” meant for the standard 25-gallon tank and the one we are talking about here the “30×12 model” that fits 20-gallon long tank. Hope that clears out the confusion.

This stand, the “Aqueon Forge 30×12”, stands 28.25 inches tall from the ground. It stands sturdy on four separate foot pieces. This version, that is made for 20-gallon tanks has 30 inches length × 12 inches width top shelf unlike it’s smaller 10-gallon “Aqueon Forge 20 by 10-inch” cousin which has 20 inches length × 10 inches width top shelf dimensions. So you can see where they get their names from. For some weird reason that I am not familiar with many review articles and websites seem to link the Aqueon 20×10 version for 20 gallons. The fact is that 20×10 is specifically made for 10-gallon tanks as it has bars on the edges that snugly hold the tank and don’t allow it to move.

 The base area is larger than the top shelf which allows it to be more sturdy by distributing weight more effectively and this design of the smaller top and larger base allows it to be more resistant to shaking of external factors like kids or pets or accidental brush ins. It weighs in merely at 17.5 pounds. It is easily movable.

 The bottom shelf can also hold a 10-gallon tank if you opt to put one there, it has the dimensions of 24 inches in length and 13 inches in width. The bottom shelf does have a reinforced plank that sits in the middle of a net-like structure. This is one of the few stands that openly list that it can carry two separate tanks.

It is made up of steel and is durable and solid in construction. The powder black coating does lend its moisture resistance. The design is quite different than any tank stand. It contains a brown or black wood panel that can be reversed just below the top shelf. These serve little functional purpose and are there for design. Personally, the front face of the whole stand, the wooden flap with the two squares on the corners, reminds me of those Japanese wooden doors in front of monasteries and temples. Overall, the stand looks really good.

The stand is sturdy and can easily carry the weight of a 20 gallon up top and a 10 gallon below. However, the assembly of the stand can be a bit tricky.

Key Attractions:

  • It allows you the space to hold up two tanks. One 20 gallons up top and another 10 gallons on the bottom shelf.
  • You have two options on the designer wooden flap, a brighter beige, and black. This along with the whole bottom shelf and tapering outwards kind of built-up makes this stand eye catching.
  • It has a powder coating which makes it moisture resistant.

Things to consider before buying

The material of the stand

There are basically two types of materials used in the construction of a tank stand: metal and wood. But depending upon what kind of wood it is, we divide the materials of construction into three categories:


Steel and various alloys of steel are popularly used in making of a tank stand. Steel lends its inherent hardness and anti-rust and anti-corrosive qualities to the stand. The elastic and tensile strength of steel allows us to cut down on unnecessary parts for support and give greater space in the stand. That is why open kind of designs like the one in Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal is made up of steel. Aluminum is another metal that has seen replace steel and other heavier metals in the automobile and construction industry however, it comes with its limitations. Hence, it is not so popular and also is pricey.

Particleboard and Medium Density Fibreboard

Particleboard basically is the product made out of relatively inexpensive waste wood products, combining with and heat pressing sawdust and resins.

On the other hand, MDF or Medium Density Fibreboard is a costlier alternative that is made by using small wood fibers instead of wood dust. Many of the products on our list feature MDF with laminations on top of them to protect them from moisture. These however do not suit saltwater tanks that much.


Veneer refers to thin slices of wood and sometimes bark that is usually thinner than 3 millimeters and is typically glued onto the core panels to produce flat panels such as door, tops and panels or cabinets, parquet floor, and parts of furniture. Plywood is a material manufactured from the thin layers of piles of wood veneers that are glued together. It is an extremely versatile product and is less susceptible to water damage than MDF. These are used in higher-end branded stands and can cost you a bit much than MDF paneled stands.

Match the load-carrying capacity of the tank with the final weight of your aquarium

Another thing that you must keep in mind before buying a tank stand is whether the stand can stand the brunt of the weight you are going to keep on it. The weight of the tank is not just the weight of the glass or acrylic structure around it, the weight of the water which adds 10 lbs per gallon, the weight if all the decorative pieces, substrate, and equipment should also be added. It is therefore important to match the weight limit given on the product by the manufacturer and the combined total weight of the tank upon it.

Looks and functionality

There are tank stands that are open and allow easy accessibility to the tank. These are often simple looking, not too fancy, easy to assemble, minimalistic structures. On the other hand, you have stands that offer cabinets and locked storage spaces. You may one to pick one according to your need. If you do have lots of equipment in and around your tank and need to hide it away from sight then the cabinets with doors will come in handy. And if you are one of those people who like to keep things to a bare minimum, the open designs are the ones to go for. But also be warned that the grander the design, the more complicated the looks, the more time it will take for you to assemble it.


Most of the stands on our list are low range to moderately priced. Rest assured, you can get high end expensive to ultra-expensive stands in the market that have all sorts of features and designs. We have compiled our list thinking about what exactly that you may need in a tank stand also keeping in mind that the prices aren’t too heavy on your pocket.

Our top pick

It was a difficult task to pick one out of all these wonderful tank stands. But, somebody’s got to tie the bell around the cat’s neck. So we have picked the Imagitarium Newport Wooden Tank Stand as the best tank stands in the 55-gallon tank stand class. It is simple, very easy to assemble, provides you with three shelves for plenty storage each of which has a thick board of wood over it for total support. It does its job commendably well and shifts the focus onto the aquarium and the fish rather than hog up the spotlight. And it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. All in all, it is just the right blend of strength, functionality, design, and storage. Defiantly our top pick of the lot.


A tank stand separates a designated area for the aquarium. It keeps the aquarium sturdy, safe, and separates while also maximizing the visibility of the tank. And we in our list have covered the best tank stands for 20-gallon aquariums available in the market. I hope by now, our readers have had a pretty good idea about the products, their positives and negatives, and what stand would suit their needs.

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