Best Tank Stands for 29 gallons and 39 gallons Aquariums

The placement for your aquarium is always a big deal. You must have a firm, level surface to keep your aquarium. And at the same time, after investing so much money and time on building a tank, buying equipment for it, setting it up, cleaning it regularly, keeping your pets happy, you just don’t want to tuck your tank on the floor in some random corner of your house or simply keep it on your work table or dining table or small coffee table. You want to have a separate place for it, a separate piece of furniture dedicated to the aquarium. It is not a sentimental thing but also a wise investment as a tank is vulnerable to leaking and also in danger of falling down if your children or dogs brush it, or in case you have a cat, it may just push the tank.

Thus, we have a dedicated and niche section in the furniture department, the tank stands. Today, we have brought you the best tank stands for 29 gallons and 30 gallons that are available in the market and reviewed them in great detail.

Best 29 gallons tank stands

Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand

The first product on our list comes from Imagitarium and this will not be the last product you will see from them.

The Brooklyn Metal is a simple but effectively designed tank stand for your 29 gallon tank.

It has a horizontal length of 30 inches, but precisely, the bolts stick out about 1/8 inch on each side making the length oh-so slightly longer. Its width is 12 ½ inches front to back and it rises up from the ground to a height of 29 ½ inches. However, the product features adjustable feet that allow you to level the stand before you add your tank. So the height of the tank stand really varies, to a certain degree, on how you adjust the basal part or the feet. Just make sure that when you put a full tank on the stand it is completely level otherwise the tank develops cracks due to continued stress on the lopsided side.

It weighs in at 14.6 pounds and has a solid steel construction. This makes it more resistant to corrosion and elongated durability. It has a sleek and modern design and will certainly catch your eye if you like minimalistic furniture. It has a matte black finish to it that adds to the aesthetics. The Brooklyn Metal due to its open design concept allows you great versatility to keep a tank and other aquarium related stuff or even two tanks.

However, the vertical clearance of the bottom shelf is just under 25 inches. The presence of supporting bars underneath eats into the actual height of the stand. Furthermore, the bottom shelf is only provided with 2 support bars along the length of the tank while the top shelf also has two additional supporting bars that are along the width of the tank. So, if you want to place a tank on the bottom shelf or for that matter, any object on the bottom shelf you will need to keep a supporting plank or plywood. This will further eat into the vertical space of the bottom tank shelf. Thus, the maximum size of the aquarium tank that you can put on the bottom shelf is 20 H. 20H refers to a 20-gallon tank but it is different from your normal 20-gallon tank because it is taller rather than longer. Make sure that you have an adequate room above your tank on the bottom shelf because you will need that space to keep the equipment and devices that are related to your aquarium.

Apart from this, the tank stand is very sturdy and well constructed. It can without doubt carry a load of your tank with ease. Also, each leg of the tank stand contains a stopper to stop it from rolling and skidding.

The packaging doesn’t come with the stand already assembled. You will need to assemble it yourself but it isn’t a difficult task at all and you also have an easy to follow instruction manual.

Key attractions:

  • Simple minimalistic design.
  • Loads of room underneath the top shelf that can be used for another smaller aquarium or placing other stuff.
  • Open design helps keep the wires and plugs untangled and at easy reach from the power socket.
  • The sturdy and reliable steel construction makes it resistant to corrosion and can handle large weight effectively.

Aquatic Fundamentals Metal Aquarium Stand

The Aquatic Fundamentals Metal Stand on the first glance stands out due to it’s looks.

It has a 30-inch length, it stands 28 inches high from the ground and 12 inches of width. It is therefore of perfect dimensions for your 29-gallon tank.

It is constructed from steel alloy and weighs merely at 12 pounds making it very compatible and easy to shift here and there. On the same hand, high-quality construction makes it durable and easily able to carry the weight of your tank.

When you own a tank stand like this, aesthetics play a huge role. You just don’t want a stand to carry your tank, you also want it to look good. And this one from the Aquatic Fundamentals looks really good. The sidebars are curved to mimic the streamlined body of a fish and the scroll design between the two bars gives it an artsy, vintage look as well as looks like the scales on a fish. The top shelf has three vertical support bars while it does have space underneath but I wouldn’t actually call it a bottom shelf. The base does have bars and you could add plywood and make space for another aquarium below although the vertical height should be taken into account.

In many pictures online of this product, you may not see the V-shaped support bars in the back, but the package does come with them. You will have to pay a bit more attention to set this stand up but it is quite easy as the package includes the equipment necessary to set it up.

The surface has a powder-coated finish that provides it with moisture resistance. Another thing is unlike many other stands that come in a single color, you have the option of choosing either black or grey here.

Key Attractions:

  • It looks really vintage and fits seamlessly with other furniture in your home.
  • Powder coated finish makes it moisture-proof.
  • Available in selections of black and grey.

Imagitarium Preferred Winston Tank Stand

Our second Imagitarium product on the list and the first in the closed, cabinet design.

The packaging specifications say that this stand measures 12.5 inches in width. Width as in front to back. 30 inches in length. And it stands 29.5 inches tall from the ground. When you look at internet articles and reviews, you will see that every article has a varying measurement in width. So make sure you see the photos and understand what width means in that particular article. Also, many articles use the word “depth” for height.

Anyways, what I was saying is, the actual measurements of the tank stand is actually slightly larger than the numbers written on Amazon or the packaging box. The top surface where you will be keeping your tank is 30.5 inches × 12.75 inches in area. So this gives you some extra space around the tank and that is better because then it becomes safer. You can easily fit your 29-gallon tank at the top without having to worry about toppling it down.

So, as mentioned earlier this is the first product on our list that has the closed cabinets underneath the top shelf. It will easily blend in as a normal piece of furniture. The cabinet doors open up to two separate compartments. The back wall has two holes for plugs and cords to pass through which is a thoughtful addition. The doors have soft magnetic closures. The closed cabinet design comes at a hefty 23.6 pounds of weight.

The other striking thing about this is its color. It has a dark brown rich espresso stain finish. Be warned that this is actually darker in real life than it appears in the photos but is attractive nonetheless. The hardwood construction is moisture resistant too.

One noted problem with this is that the instruction manual comes with small letters! I don’t know why. You may need to squint your eyes hard to read the instructions and the setting up may require a bit of help. If not properly done, the edges of two different parts don’t seem to add up properly and may render the stand shaky and unstable. A power drill for the screws may be too powerful for it and we suggest using a manual screwdriver. It may seem hard, but assembly is quite doable while it may take time.

Key Attractions:

  • Moisture-proof hardwood finish comes in handy if you have leaky tanks.
  • The espresso stain finish looks very gorgeous.
  • It has plenty of storage stuff along with closed doors that can store and hide equipment related to the tank.

Aquatic Fundamentals Aquarium Stand with Storage 

We have had two open, porous designs and one traditional closed cabinet design on our list. The final 29-gallon tank stand is somewhat of a mixture of both the open and the closed designs and you will see why.

First and foremost, this tank stand is heavier than most of its competitors in the 29-gallon size range. It weighs in at 52 pounds. Well, to be honest, 52 pounds is not that heavy to lift and move around for a normal adult, so it is still easily movable but unlike other stands in our list weighing half this, the weight makes it sturdier in case you have children who dangle by or push and play around the stand.

It elongates 30.75 inches in length, it stands 28.25 inches in height from the ground level. The base of the stand has more surface area as compared to the top shelf where your aquarium will be placed because the width of the base is 14.125 inches making the surface area to be 30.75 inches × 14.125 inches while the top shelf is 12.75 inches making the surface area to be 30.75 inches × 12.75 inches. It does not mean the stand tapers upwards, just that the base panel is larger to provide more stability.

This makes it perfect for your 29 and 30-gallon tank. It is well sturdy and unlike other stands that just have bars that support just the corners of the tank, this evenly distributes the weight of the tank.

The front of the stand features a doorway of 13.5 inches that opens wide enough for you to access the huge space inside. You can fit in any tank equipment, food bags, cords, and cables out of sight making the tank look sleek. Why I said it is a cross between open and closed designs is that the back of the stand is almost fully open except for a single supporting panel in the middle. This allows you to route and wound your cords and cables from the power source to the tank easily.

The construction material is dense fibreboard which is covered in an attractive melamine laminate. The 29-gallon stand comes in 3 color schemes: the matt black, slightly darker woody coloring “Serene cherry” and lighter woody “Solar oak”. All in all, this looks contemporary and fits in seamlessly in your home decor.

The assembly, however, can be a bit difficult as people have complaints about ill-fitting boards and screws being missing. However, it is not too difficult to assemble it if done properly.

Key Attractions:

  • Has a holding capacity for 29 and 30-gallon tanks.
  • Heavier than the rest 29-gallon stands which makes it sturdier.
  • Available in 3 color schemes.
  • The door panels and open back end make this easy access to the storage.

Best 30 gallons tank stands

Ameriwood Home Aquarium Stand

Our first 30-gallon tank stand comes, not from an aquarium equipment company, but from a true furniture manufacturer: Flipper. Ameriwood Home Aquarium Stand is undoubtedly a worthy investment in the pure furniture sense alone.

This stands 30.32 inches high from the ground level. It does not sit flat on the ground level, rather it has feet with a small arching gap in the base. It is 14.69 inches wide from front to back and 33.07 inches in length. Make sure you watch the photos in case you find varying values of “depth” and “width”. For us, we use the term width to denote the space between the front panel and the back panel. Anyway, this stand easily fits your 30-gallon tank as it has been curated to hold tanks between 29 gallons to as big as 37 gallons. So you will have plenty of room around your 30-gallon tank and won’t have to worry about it being just a slight push away from tipping.

It has a closed cabinet design with two doors that are fitted with brushed nickel handles. A nice aesthetic touch that makes it look expensive and contemporary. It is made from fibreboard, Medium Dense Fibreboard, or MDF as they are commonly called which is a mixture of hard and softwood along with wax and resins. But normal fibreboards are unfinished and rough looking. Instead, you have decorative plastic laminates or wood veneers in the form of laminated particleboard that makes the stand look smoother, better looking, and also stronger.

The other larger stands come in various colours, while the 29-30 gallon stand only comes in Rustic Oak colour with a woodgrain finish. It looks stunning and fits snugly against the wall. The two doors open wide enough for you to access 4 shelves inside. 2 of them are adjustable. It has plenty of room to store fish food, nets, and water treatment essentials out of sight.

Key attractions:

  • It accommodates tanks anywhere between 29 to 37 gallons.
  • It can hold up to a whopping 450 pounds of weight.
  • The color, simple design, as well as the finishing, make it a complementary piece of furniture that shifts the focus more to the aquarium.
  • It has 4 shelves inside with 2 adjustable with more than enough room for storage.

Coralife Designer Biocube Stand

Our second product on the 30-gallon list comes from the well-known aquarium equipment manufacturer, Coralife. Now, Coralife designed these to complement their BioCube LED aquariums. The whole set up off the Coralife LED aquarium and this Biocube stand seems to me to be inspired by Star Wars. The stand-alone from the front end looks a bit like Darth Vader’s helmet. Maybe it’s just me.

The packaging may trick you. The packaging comes in 28 inches of length and 5 inches of width and height. But rest assured, this is a buffed upstand. It stands 29.5 inches from the ground. However, it has a flat base that stands on 4 small peg-like legs. There were complaints of the tank not being sturdy but Coralife updated the model in 2018. Apart from that, it measures 20.5 inches in width and 21.5 inches in length. The design is made to fit the Coralife Cube aquarium tank and thus it has more or less the same dimensions in all three axes. It also weighs 48.1 pounds.

The packaging comes with 8 different panels along with screws and bolts and hinges. It can be a bit difficult and time-consuming to assemble. But, Coralife has a simple and easy to follow instructional video on YouTube. The front panel has two doors that open wide enough to let you access the wide space inside. Space is divided into two compartments by a horizontally adjustable partition. The back panel has two electrical holes to route in your cords and cables. There are two black handles that match the slightly glossy, smooth black finish on the entire stand. It is made up of water-resistant materials and the panels are acrylic tinted.

Key attractions:

  • The shelves with rear holes are convenient for storage as well as hiding the cords and wires in and around the aquarium.
  • Made up of water-resistant materials.
  • Personal opinion: the look may be slightly quirky but still looks elegant and smooth.

Ameriwood Home Ollie and Hutch Laguna Tide

As it has been already mentioned in this article above, Ameriwood is a line of furniture products made by the manufacturer Flipper. This is not your aquarium company making tank stands but your true furniture craftsmen making a piece of furniture that happens to be a tank stand. And it is seen in the design.

PIt stands 30.1 inches tall from the ground. It stands flat on the ground and has no pegs or feet. This makes it sturdy and eliminates all shakiness. It is 31.6 inches in length and 15.7 inches in breadth from back to front. It can easily hold aquarium tanks anywhere from 29 gallons to as large as 37 gallons. It weighs in at 50 pounds and for all the shelves and cabinets it has, it isn’t that heavy. The top weight it can carry is rated at 450 pounds. The 37 gallons of water weighs in at 308 pounds and even with all the other stuff placed on the shelves, you are unlikely to exceed the weight limit.

The front has a cabinet with two doors with two long and narrow open spaces on either side. You can store aquarium essentials in the cabinet but you may not have enough space to hide all the aquarium related equipment there. Underneath is another shelf with a partial partition between them. All in all, this is a good looking showpiece of furniture that nit just allows you to showcase your aquarium but also is good looking in itself.

It is made up of MDF about which we have talked above and it comes in an espresso color. The downside to this is that even the tiny scratches can be very easily noticeable in it. And quite a few times customers have complained about the poor packaging and mismatching holes and screws along with the doors not aligning properly. But for the price range, it offers quite the value for the money.

Key attractions:

  • Just a good looking furniture, overall.
  • It is very sturdy and can hold 29 to 37-gallon tanks pretty well.
  • It has open cabinets to showcase photos and showpiece items as well as a closed cabinet to hide away your aquarium essentials.

Aquarium Fundamemtals 30/38/45 Gallon Upright Aquarium Stand

Unlike every other product on our 30-gallon tank stand list, the Aquarium Fundamentals Upright Stand is the first true 30 gallon tank stand. This stand is made to hold your 30 gallons, 38 gallons, and 45 gallons tank.

It stands 28.25 inches high from the ground. It measures 13.125 inches back to front.  And perhaps the longest tank stand on our list it elongates 37.375 inches in length. It also weighs in at 47 pounds.

Aquarium Fundamentals have gone with their tried and tested design of closed yet easily accessible structure. This has a solid panel up top and it supports every inch of your tank uniformly. The base is a flat larger panel with no legs or pegs. Hence it is quite sturdy and handles the weight up top with no problem. The front panel is closed so as to conceal all the equipment you keep underneath in the spacious cabinet. It opens with a single door in the middle that opens to your left side giving you easy access to the equipment inside. The back panel is completely open except for a supporting panel in the middle. It allows for easy routing of cables, cords, and wires in and out of the aquarium.

It is made of dense fibreboard and laminated by attractive looking melamine. This lends the stand resistance against moisture and also the black, smooth finish gives it a cool, contemporary look. It is also very easy to assemble even without any instruction manuals.

However, there have been a few complaints about the finishing of the panels with customers complaining of flimsy build to noticeably uneven coloring. However, it is one of the best stands in its class.

Key attractions:

  • It gives you a wide range of choices as it can hold 30, 38 as well as 40 gallons of the aquarium on top.
  • Space underneath is huge and you can hide away all the equipment easily.
  • The open back end allows for easy routing of hoses, cables, wires, and cords to and from the tank.

Our Top picks for the best 29 gallons and 30 gallons tank stand

Best 29 gallon Tank stand: The Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand

This is a simple, minimalistic, open designed tank stand that offers you loads of space for not just your 29 gallon tank on the top shelf but also a 20H gallon tank stand on the bottom shelf. It is easy to assemble and doesn’t cost you much.

Best 30 gallon Tank stand: The Ameriwood Home Aquarium Stand

This is not just a great tank stand but a totally bang for buck piece of furniture. It’s a rustic color with a classic two-door cabinet design allowing a huge space to be hidden out of sight and also firm and sturdy functionality makes it our top pick.


If you are new to the hobby of aquarium keeping or even a seasoned hobbyist looking for a tank stand, you might be wondering as to why we have got separate tank stand lists for 29 gallon tanks and 30-gallon tanks. After all, they are separated by a mere gallon! But the fact is, a gallon of volume makes a lot of the difference in the size of a tank. The 29-gallon tank stands to fit the bill for tanks even slightly lower than that size but above that, the edges of the tanks start to out expand the tank stands which becomes a nerve-wracking sight. Meanwhile, the 30-gallon tank stands are kind of bridges between the lower sized tank stands and the higher tank stands as most of them accommodate 29 to 37 gallons and some even up to 39 gallons.

However, whatever size the tank stand may be marketed as, it is always recommended to check out the dimensions of the tank stand and compare it to your tank before purchasing one. And that is why we made this article for you.


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