Best Goldfish Tanks

Any continent across the globe and it is quite common to see goldfish kept in home aquariums, showpiece aquariums or ponds, for their sheer beauty or religious and cultural beliefs. Caracius auratus as their scientific name goes are beautiful to look at.

They have wide-ranging breeds that vary in shape, size, and color. Currently, there are near about 200 varieties of goldfish recognized in China. Apart from the common goldfish that we are accustomed to seeing in films, photos, and cartoons, they have other breeds that are commonly termed as “fancy goldfish”: Oranda, Ranchu, Comet, Fantail, Ryukin are very popular breeds of Goldfish. They range from orange-gold to greyish white with golden spots, some have black spots, silvery-white with gold swashes and are even olive green.

They also range in sizes. Expanding from 6 inches to even 2 feet long at 10 pounds, goldfish grow according to the environment around them.

But they require special care too. Goldfish prefer a 68°F to 74°F temperature while Comets and Shubukins prefer 60°F to 70°F. The rapid change in temperature, pH, and other factors leads to drastic health changes in Goldfish. Hence, they require constant parameters. They are also quite sensitive to even small levels of Ammonia and Nitrite. They also do not like to share their space with every kind of fish. They are foraging, bottom-feeding fish and can be quiet aggressive with other tank mates.

The greatest thing about Goldfish is they grow into their environment. If you have healthy water and optimal living conditions they live a long and healthy life growing massive in size.

All these factors make the goldfish that special yet not so uncommon fish to be kept as pets in our aquariums.

But that is a daunting task to setup a tank for your goldfish. That is why in this guide we teach help you select the best goldfish tank and review the top options available to you in the market.

Best Goldfish Tanks

Tetra 20 Gallon Complete Aquarium Kit

This complete aquarium kit has been manufactured by the very respectable and well known American company Tetra. Having a recognized name is not just a big selling point but also a hallmark of reliability.

The tank itself has dimensions of 24 inches of length, 12 inches of width and 17 inches height. With size like this it is quiet a deep tank for goldfish. But that allows you the room to play with.

As the name suggests it has a volume of 20 gallons.

When talking about features, this tank is fully loaded with all the value you would need for your buck and that is what makes this Editor’s Choice here among our panel. The starter package includes a very silent water filtration system called a “Whisper Filter”, a hood integrated with LED lights, a heater, and artificial plants along with plant mat. The package also includes fish food, water conditioner, and other products that help as water purifiers.

The LED light setup makes sure the Goldfish get the proper daytime and nighttime experience mimicking their natural habitat. They also provide the necessary full spectrum lights and last longer than any other bulbs in the market.

The water heater ensures that the temperature in the tank does not fluctuate rapidly which leads to many health hazards for the fish. The filtration unit helps to keep the Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate levels below the sensitivity fringe of the goldfish preventing various diseases.

The filter is quite easy to set up which makes it good for beginner aquarium owners. The maintenance is also quite hassle-free. The cartridges in the filter can be changed quite easily.

The artificial plants and plant mats are not just aesthetically pleasing decorations for the eye.

They give the Goldfish a sense of ecosystem like they would get in the wild. And since the Goldfish munch on plants, the artificial ones will save you from changing them every once in a while.


  • It is built from Tetra glass which is highly scratch resistant.
  • It has a hood which helps to keep the water and the flora and fauna in it steady.
  • This kit includes almost everything you could need as a moderate aquarium owner.
  • The plant mat provides with an artificial substrate to install the plants properly.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty which is a sign of how much the company trusts its product.
  • The LED lights provide with bright and also just the necessary illumination


  • The tank is on the deeper side with its 17 inches of height. Goldfish prefer slightly shallower waters.
  • The filter and heater may need replacement after some time.
  • The LED lights slowly dim down and also need replacement.

Marineland 5 Gallon Portrait Glass Led Aquarium Kit

Manufactured by, perhaps a bit underrated US Aquarium Company Marineland, this portrait glass aquarium is complete eye candy.

The tank itself has dimensions of 11.8 inches of length, 11.6 inches of width, and 17 inches of depth which provides enough vertical space to play around in the tank.

Weighing in at 12 pounds the tank takes 5 gallons of water. It is small and compact allowing you the versatility of placing it in any part of the house and still provide you with a decent volume.

The first thing you notice about this aquarium set up is how neat and pleasing it is to the eye. Its thick curved glass tank and base are not just exceptionally built but also beautiful to look at. The curved edges separate it from the traditional designs of tanks. They allow you to view the tank from all angles, make the sweeping glass easy to clean, and also reduce the chances of the tank to get shattered. It just looks elegant and expensive.

At the back of the aquarium, hidden away from sight is the compartment that houses the filter and the pump. This is another feather in the design section’s cap as this compartment contributes to the tank looking sleek and clutter free.

The bottom has a plastic base that supports the weight of the tank and keeps it sturdy.

The LED light hangs over the tank supported by a hinged plastic stand and features a combo of 9 white LEDs and six blue LEDs. The light offers a two-mode operation and 3 position switch. The white light mimics the white spectrum from the sunlight while the blue hue mimics the cool light from the moon.

It features a Marineland 3 stage Rite-Size Z cartridge filter technology providing all mechanical, chemical as well as biological filtration. It has an advanced bio-foam filtration unit where the carbon provides chemical filtration while the bio foam provides with the biological filtration.


  • It is very easy to assemble and set up for work.
  • The LED light provides with 3 position switch and white and blue hue settings that mimic the natural environment of the goldfish.
  • The filtration unit in the tank is kind of those units that you upgrade to from your normal ones.
  • The tank looks absolutely gorgeous and minimal.


  • The brightness of the LED leaves you wanting more. The precluded light may not support all kinds of plants.
  • The tank kit doesn’t come with a water heater which you separately need to buy.

Aqueon 100527256 Fish Tank Aquarium Kit

Our third aquarium kit comes from another reputable company Aqueon which is well known for all kinds of aquarium kits. So you know this is a reliable brand.

The dimensions of the tank span a whopping 20.2 inches in length, 10.5 inches of width, and 13.3 inches in height. The shallow depth makes up for a good foraging tank for the goldfish.

This kit is designed to hold 10 gallons of water and weighs at 17.6 pounds.

It comes with a built-in 3 sets of three LED modules that are low profile and energy saving. These LED lights are hung under the hood of the tank.

It comes with a signature QuietFlow power filtration. This keeps the water clean and removes not only waste products and excess food but also kills harmful bacteria and germs. The filtration set up comes with an indicative LED light that indicates when the cartridge needs to be changed. Aqueon has fit the filtration unit with a signature 5 stage filtration technique where the dense floss removes particles and debris, the carbon removes toxins, odor, and discoloration. Patented Bio-Holster removes toxic ammonia and nitrates and the bio media grid removes additional toxins while adding oxygen. It also reduces splashing and makes water return quiet. The last stage has a special filter pad that provides another stage of water treatment before the water returns to the aquarium.

The heating unit consists of a 50 Watt submersible heater which keeps the water temperature to add a constant throughout the colder days. It shatters resistant and has an auto safety shut off as well as an LED indicator.

The setup unit also comes with a setup guide, food and water care samples, fishnet, and thermometer for getting started.


  • The filtration unit is really powerful and works efficiently.
  • The LED low light profile provides excellent soft lightening to the tank.
  • The starter pack includes water conditioner, fishnet, and also food making it easy for beginners.
  • It is quite durable.


  • The filtration unit works wonderfully but is quite noisy too.
  • The 50W heater is just too powerful for a tank this small and gets hot quickly for the goldfish.

Seaclear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set

The SeaClear Aquarium combo set comes in a variety of sizes. It ranges from 20-gallon Deluxe Hexagon, Rectangular to 50 gallons of the rectangular tank. The one we are focussing on is the 40-gallon Rectangular tank.

The tank has the dimensions of 36 inches× 15 inches × 16 inches. It weighs in at 20 pounds.

This aquarium kit is perfect for people who are looking to breed fish or people who need a large centerpiece to expand their collection. This aquarium kit is also feasible for fish species that require some hiding spaces or people who want to have decorated items or want to keep separate species of fish that are conflicting towards each other.

It is a sturdy and well-constructed tank and comes in both glass and acrylic. However, the acrylic is generally the better choice as it is stronger than the glass and also cuts on the weight and is clearer and easier to see through as well.

It features a reflector, an electrical light fixture of 24 inches that make sure the tank gets enough light.


  • This tank is safe for both saltwater as well as freshwater fish.
  • Since it offers acrylic design too it cuts on the weight and also becomes impact-resistant towards chipping or cracking.
  • Its setup is quite easy and maintenance is also hassle-free.


  • The obvious problem is that the kit does not include a filter and it has to be separately bought.
  • The design of this aquarium kit makes it a bit hard work to clean.

Aqueon Led Minibow Aquarium Starter Kits

This is the 2nd Aqueon product featured in our list and that only goes to show how much of a trustworthy brand Aqueon is.

The mini bowl starter kit comes in sizes as small as one gallon, 1.6 gallons, 2.5 gallons. But the one we’re discussing here is the Mini bow 5-gallon kit.

It has the dimensions of 15 inches × 10.7 inches × 15 .4 inches and weighs in about 5.25 pounds making it one of the lightest aquarium kits available in the market.

The design of this aquarium kit makes it quite clear that it is aimed at beginners who have just begun with their fish keeping hobby.

It is a simple setup it’s very easy to maintain and yet it looks great to the eye.

It is a sleek, low profile LED light that is energy efficient and is attached under the hood. The hood also features a feeding hole.

Once again the Aqueon Quiet flow filtration unit makes its appearance in this kit too. It uses the small filter cartridges that are manufactured by Aqueon themselves.

The kit also includes food samples as well as water care samples like water conditioners.


  • The setup of this kit is quite easy and it looks very adorable in any room.
  • Its design is compact and it does not require high maintenance.
  • It is designed with an unobtrusive lead which is energy efficient.


  • Since it only houses 5 gallons of water the filter, at times it feels too small.
  • And since it is small sometimes the cleaning of the edges is quite hard.

Tetra 1.8 Gallon Waterfall Globe Aquarium Kit

This is the second Tetra aquarium kit that is featured in our list and that speaks volumes for the reliability of the company Tetra.

This is also the smallest aquarium kit in our list standing at 1.8 gallons of water capacity.

It features a circular globe-like design with dimensions of 12 inches X 10.8 inches X 13.5 inches and weighs in just at 3.09 pounds.

It becomes a no-brainer that the Tetra 1.8 waterfall is aimed at the beginners and is also one of the best aquarium kits to get you started in your fish keeping hobby.

It has a power filter and also a distinguished waterfall feature. The filtration system is cartridge-based.

It comes with a low voltage LED light system that aesthetically radiates your fish and also provides with the much necessary light.


  • One of the best starting aquarium kits for beginners.
  • Includes a low voltage light, power filter which is inbuilt.
  • It comes with a distinctive waterfall feature which not only is good to look at but also circulates water throughout the tank.


  • The glass ball seems to be fragile.
  • In the hood rests on a hinge which is quite wobbly.

What to Look For In a Goldfish Tank?

Before you rush to the market to get a new aquarium kit and make rookie mistakes in the process, make sure you check the following things in the kit.

The material of the tank. Acrylic tanks are 17 times as strong as glass tanks and are also light as compared to the glass ones. However, they can be a bit difficult to clean.

Lights in the aquarium. Some aquarium kits come with two-time settings: the daytime settings with bright white light and night time setting with a blue hue. If you are considering having a plant in your aquarium you might need proper LED lightings.

Filtration unit. Make sure the filtration unit in the tank is reliable and does not break soon or requires cleaning quite often.

Starter Goldfish Tank Equipments


Goldfish make a mess like there is no tomorrow. The goldfish eat a lot and they also excrete a lot of waste products. Hence, a filtration unit is one of the most important things to have in your aquarium kit. The filtration unit filters out the waste products which is ammonia, nitrates, and nitrates away from the water in the tank and saves the goldfish which is quite sensitive to ammonia levels from catching different kinds of diseases.


Lights are not just decorative pieces in your aquarium. Lights and darkness provide the fish with the opportunity to set up natural sleep patterns. Goldfish and their feeding habit are also affected by light patterns. There are a lot of studies that show the lack of light leads to the lack of vitamin D which causes a lot of diseases in goldfish like discoloration.


The main use of having a heater in an aquarium is not to heat the water to a certain temperature but to maintain the temperature at a certain level. The goldfish react very badly to drastically fluctuating temperatures and hence a heater is needed to maintain a constant temperature.


The substrate is the base of your aquarium. Traditionally you have three kinds of substrate options in gravel, sand, empty tank. Goldfish are bottom-feeding fish and they like to forage and move around quite a lot. Hence the substrate should be selected in a way that does not disturb and pollute the water and also does not get stuck inside the mouth and the gills of the goldfish.


How much water does a goldfish need?

The answer to this is: the more the better. Goldfish are special fish in the sense that they grow into their environment. The environment dictates how big the goldfish becomes. So, a goldfish that lives in the pond will obviously be healthier and larger than a goldfish that lives in a fishbowl. Hence if you want your goldfish to be properly sized you need a minimum of 30 to 50 gallons of a tank and that measures a minimum of four feet in length.

If you plan to add one more goldfish in it, add an additional of 12 gallons of water per goldfish added.

How do I set up my tank?

  • Install a filtration unit. Choose a filter with a high flow rate. The flow rate is measured in gallons per hour. Say you have a 20-gallon tank, you need a filter that has a flow rate of at least five times that volume.
  • Do not use under gravel filters for a goldfish tank since they disturb the water substrate and pollute the water. We urge you to use a canister filter instead.
  • Add a suitable size of gravel substrate. Do not turn the filter on just yet. Put in gravel as a substrate but make sure the gravel is sized properly so that the goldfish do not nibble them in or that the gravel does not get stuck in their mouth.
  • After doing this it is the time to add decorations if you want them in your tank. Add a rock, plants, or anything else you want to put in at the bottom of your tank.
  • Now is the time to add the water. Make sure you only fill the tank to halfway and then add dechlorinated water if you are using tap water. Stop at half full and adjust your decorations then fill the tank with clean, cold, treated water all the way to the top and make sure you leave an inch or so of space at the top.
  • After doing all this, now is the time to turn the filter pump on. Allow the water to cycle for several minutes so that it becomes well circulated and only after that add goldfish.
  • Do not forget to check the temperature before adding your goldfish to make sure the temperature is between 70°F to 70°F.
  • Last but not the least, make sure everything is working properly and there are no leakages.

How do I take care of my goldfish and tank?

Make and implement a maintenance schedule for cleaning up your goldfish aquarium. Then add a few things you need to do daily and a few things that you need to do on a much larger time span.

  • You need to feed your goldfish daily and you should not just depend upon packaged food but also mix live and frozen food along with plant elements.
  • You should check your goldfish for any kinds of unnecessary spots or stress symptoms.
  • Do not depend upon the thermometer that the water heater present already in the aquarium kit has. Check the temperature of the water by yourself.
  • If there are any visible large particles get rid of them.
  • Clean your substrate on a weekly basis by using this siphon.
  • Replace 25% of the water on a weekly basis.
  • If there any green tinge in your water you need to eliminate the algae accumulation.
  • Examine if everything is working properly and wipe the exterior as well as the interior surface.
  • Examine the water for nitrates, nitrites and ammonia and pH level by using aquarium test kits.
  • Replace the filter as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.


Picking up separate, individual equipment for your aquarium can be a quiet a daunting task especially if you are new to the hobby of keeping goldfish as pets. The idea behind this is that once you get accustomed to the equipment and handling your goldfish on a smaller basic kind of aquarium you can then move on to bigger aquarium as cold fish require larger spaces to gro.

Thus, we suggest you get a Tetra 20 gallon complete aquarium kit which contains all the basic fundamental things that an aquarium should contain, is hassle free to maintain and set up and maintain and will no doubt teach you the fundamentals of keeping a goldfish.

We also hope that after reading the above article you have come to understand and appreciate the intricacies of keeping a gold fish as a pet and what it takes to maintain a healthy tank.

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