Best Tank Mates for Guppy Fish


Guppy Fish are calm and peaceful most of the time, they prefer a similarly-behaved companion as tank mates. And since they are very small, they can easily fall prey to the larger fishes. Therefore, the best tank mate or a guppy fish would be “LINK” more guppy fishes</LINK>.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t keep your guppy fishes with other fishes in a tank. But there are some requirements for that.

Requirements for Guppy Fish’s Tank Mates

  1. They need to be peaceful with minimum amount of behavioral issues.
  2. They should thrive well in the same water conditions that is preferred by guppies.
  3. Similar diet habit is also a must.
  4. There shouldn’t be much of a difference when it comes to their size.

Best Tank Mates for Guppy Fish

Here are fishes that are compatible to be a guppy fish’s tank mate.

Platy Fish


Platy fish is one of the best tank mate for guppies. You could say that they’re a match made in fish-heaven. Both these fishes are colorful and full of eye-catching patterns.

Platy fish can get along really well with guppies as both of them have similar behavior. They’re both livebearers and require </LINK>similar food<LINK> and water condition for survival.

Platies are a tad bit bigger than guppies and they require more swimming space. So, while a 40 liter (10 gallons) tank is a recommended size, an 80 liter (20 gallons) would be a better choice.

A 20 gallon tank would fit multiple platies and guppies, which is a better thing to do for their well being. Make sure that you do regular water changes to ensure their hygiene. And keep proper filtration, and temperature, and plenty of aquarium plants to keep them safe and happy.

Swordtail Fish


Another great buddy or tank mare for guppies are swordtail fishes. Swordtail, as it’s name suggests has a tail shaped like a sword. And it is somewhat similar to sword guppies.

Besides the shape, they also share the same vibrant colors and size as guppies. Thus, making them one of the best matches as guppy’s tank mate.

Another similarity between guppy and swordtail fish is that both of them are livebearers. They both enjoy a peaceful environment filled with plenty of hiding places.

Keeping guppies and swordtail fishes require a 20-gallon tank so both the fishes can thrive. They’re both easy to care for and handle. They require a temperature of 64-82 degrees Fahrenheit and pH level 7-8.3.

However, the only downside of keeping swordtail fishes are, they’re frisky jumpers and would jump out of the tank frequently. They’re also excessive breeders just like guppies, so it might be a little troublesome.

Molly Fish


Molly fishes are also an excellent match to keep as a mate for guppy fishes. They’re both tiny freshwater fishes. And again, both of these fishes are livebearers.

Just like guppies, mollies are peaceful fishes who can build a good relation with their tank mates. They’re easy to care for and share a fairly similar environmental needs as guppies.

A 20 gallon fish tank would be a perfect fit to keep both guppies and mollies together. They require a temperature of 68-82 degrees and pH level 7-8.

Another few similarities between these two spices of fish is that they can both survive in saltwater as well as fresh water. They both require similar diet and cause no problem at all. However, both these fishes can reproduce a lot.

Gourami Fish

Gourami fishes might not be a perfect choice as a guppy tank mate if you’re not an expert fish keeper. But if you are, you might as well keep them.

Gourami fishes are a bit high maintenance as compared to other guppy tank mates. So, they’re not for beginners to keep. However, gouramis are social fish, so it is easy for them to thrive in a tank full of guppies.

Gouramis prefer a lot of plants, shades, and hiding places in an aquarium. And it’s not a big deal for guppies as they need a lot of hiding places as well. They’re well tempered and non-aggressive but require a lot more care than guppies and are a bit timid.

Gourami fish eat any type of frozen or live food in a tank. And the required tank size is at least 20 gallons.

Cory Catfish

Cory Catfish or Corydoras Catfish is another great tank mate for guppies. They are very compatible with guppies because both of them are peaceful fishes.

The cory catfish not very fussy about food and have extremely good behaviour. They’re bottom dwellers and relatively slow swimmers. It gives guppies, who swim at either the top of middle section lots of swimming space.

Since cory catfishes are scavengers, they pickup leftover food and feed on them. And in the process, they also clean up the aquarium.

If you decide to keep the guppies and cory fishes together, you’ll require a 20 gallon fish tank. The pH level has to be 7-8 with the temperature of 74-80 degrees.

Rasbora Fish

Rasbora fishes can be of different kinds: Clown Rasbora, Harlequin Rasbora, and Brilliant Rasbora. However, no matter the type, they’re all a great guppy fish tank mate.

Both these fishes have very little behavioral issues, making them perfect match in a fish tank. It’s easy if you keep them in school of six or more for a better fit. 

Rasbora fishes are also top/mid-dwellers like guppies. However, they’re not really troublesome. And its safe to keep them in a group of 8-12.

A 20 gallon fish tank would be a perfect choice to keep rasbora fishes with guppies. They require a temperature of 73-82 degrees and pH level 6-7.5.

Bristlenose Pleco

We have to agree, Bristlenose Pelco might not be the most aesthetically pleasing fishes out there. However, they’re still a great match when it comes to being Guppy fish’s tank mate.

They might be bigger than guppies in size but their calm nature still make them a great choice. They are bottom-dwellers which gives guppies enough tank space.

Plecos mostly feed on algae so they’re not fussy eaters. And there won’t be any dispute between the two fishes regarding food.

You’ll need a 30 gallon fish tank to keep bristlenose pleco with guppies are they’re bigger in size. They require a temperature of 72-78 degree and pH level 6.5-7.5.

Tetra Fish


There are different types of tetra fishes like Neon, Rummy Nose, Cardinal, and Lemon Tetra. And each of these tetras are a great companion for guppy fishes.

This colorful and peaceful fish are schooling fishes. Therefore, keeping them in group of at least 7 is a must.

These fishes thrive on an omnivorous diet. And keeping them in a big tank (30 gallon) could be a better choice.

However, you need to make sure that there are plenty of hiding space in the aquarium. Tetras might end up eating guppy fries if they’re in the same tank.

They require a temperature of 73-81 degree and pH level 5-6.

Otocinclus Catfish

Otocinclus or Oto Catsfish is another great tank mate for guppies. These rather shy freshwater fishes are mild tempered. But they still make a great companion.

These tiny fishes love algae and would turn the tank algae-free in days. You can keep oto catfish with guppies in a 20 gallon tank as both of these fishes are tiny.

However, oto catfish are a bit delicate and sensitive when it comes to water conditions. Therefore its important to maintain the proper water parameters for this fish.

They require a temperature of 72-79 degrees and pH level of 6.8-7.5.

Kuhli Loach

Kuhli Loaches are pretty unique-looking fishes that resembles an eel. But despite looking different, they’re a great tank mate choice for guppies. Given that these fishes are peaceful and playful, they gel well with other freshwater fishes.

These tiny fished prefer to be in a group of 3-5 individuals who happens to be nocturnal. So, if you don’t see them swimming around in day time, you don’t have to worry.

Kuhli Loach prefers to be in tanks that are full of driftwoods and live plants. And to protect their delicate fins and bellies, opt for sand substrate instead of gravel in your tank.

These fishes thrive on live food but frozen, flake, and frozen-dried food would also do.

As for tank size they’ll do well in a 20 gallon tank. And the temperature range of 75-86 degrees and pH level of 5.5-6.5 would do.

Nerite Snails

You don’t always have to go for fishes when it comes to guppies and their tank mates. Nerite snails are another great companion for them.

While most snails aren’t compatible, the nerite snail is a great choice. Especially due to their algae-eating capabilities and docile nature.

They’re both low-cost and low-maintenance, which makes them an even better choice. And the fact that they need saltwater to reproduce takes away your fear of over breeding.

Nerite snails are tiny and bottom-dwelling so, even a 10 gallon tank would be perfect.

They prefer a temperature of 72-78 degrees and a rather high pH level of 8.1-8.4.

 Red Cherry Shrimp

Another great alternative to having fish tank mates for guppies are Red Cherry Shrimp. They’re tiny and peaceful giving guppies enough privacy.

Red cherry shrimp thrive well in water condition similar to guppies so they’re fairly easy to maintain. And they mostly feed on algae keeping the tank clean.

However, it’s crucial that you keep your tank full of hiding places and plants. Because when you keep shrimps with guppies, guppies tend to eat them, mistaking it for food.

A 10 gallon with stable water parameter is crucial for red cherry shrimps to thrive. They prefer a temperature range of 65-80 degrees and pH level 6-7.6.

Crystal Red Shrimp

Just like Red Cherry shrimps, Crystal Red Shrimps are also a great alternative as guppies’ tank mates for fish. They’re one of the most popular freshwater aquarium shrimps. And their unique red and white patterns set them apart from other shrimps.

Crystal Red Shrimps shares most of the characteristics with the Red Cherry Shrimps. So, a similar fish-keeping technique would be enough.

However, Crystal Red Shrimps are a tad bit high maintenance so, they need more attention. And again, guppies might mistake them for food, so it’s important to keep an eye.

African Dwarf Frog

As the name suggests, African Dwarf Frog are dwarfs that would gel well with tiny fishes like guppies. And they’re also a great alternative as guppy tank mate.

They need plenty of hiding spaces as they’re pretty shy. And they’re bottom-dwellers, so guppies have enough tank space for themselves.

And they’re rather slow so feeding them could be a little difficult. They basically sit on the bottom so while feeding, guppies might eat away all of it before it gets to the bottom. So, you might have to spot feed your frogs.

And since these are shy animals its a good idea to keep at least two of them together.

A 10 gallon tank with a temperature of 72-78 degrees and pH level of 5-20 is needed to keep ADF thriving.

Rainbowfish (Boseman’s)

Rainbowfish or Boseman’s Rainbowfish is as beautiful and colorful as its name suggests. They are a great fit as guppies’ tank mate because of their vibrant color.

They’re grow slightly bigger in size then guppies and are schooling fish. So, its crucial to have a big enough tank with losts of plants for rainbowfish to thrive. Therefore, a 50-60 gallon tank is a perfect fit.

These fishes feed on almost anything, including live foods. It helps them develop their color even more. And the best thing about them is that they have the ability to fight off diseases.

Rainbowfish requires a temperature of 74-78 degrees and pH level 7-8.

Clown Loaches

Clown loaches are yet another great tank mates for guppies. They’re fairly bigger in size as clown loaches can grow up to 12 inches. However, they’re peaceful so they’re easier to maintain.

Clown loaches are schooling fishes. And given their size, they require a tank of about 50-60 gallons.

A dim aquarium with lots of plants is where these fishes thrive the most. And they feed on live foods so its easy to keep them full as well.

They prefer a temperature of 75-85 degrees and pH level 6-7.5.


Again, if you’re looking to add something else rather than fish as guppies’ tank mate, snails could be a great option.

There are different types of snails you can keep like Apple snail, Nerite snail, Pond snail, Rabbit snail, etc.

The cost and maintenance of snails is pretty low as they feed on algae. Therefore actually cleaning up the tank.

Snails gel well with lots of fishes. And are hardy species that can adapt well in different parameters. However, keeping them in a tiny tank can be bad for the water quality.

They’re a better option than shrimps as they’re not in danger of being eaten by the guppies. But make sure that you cover your tank because snails might get out of it easily.


Danios can go by many different names such as Queen Danio, Pearl Danio, Zebra Fish, or Danio Kerri.

This calm and composed fish can be a great tank mate of guppies due to their non-aggressive nature.

Danios might be tiny but they’re very active and fast. So, a 10 gallon tank would be perfect to keep them with guppies. And you won’t have to worry about the parameter because they both enjoy the same.

But a problem may arise during the feeding time. Since daions are faster, they might end up finishing the food before guppies get a chance to eat it. So, you can solve it by dropping the food in different locations.

Fish to Avoid

The above mentioned fishes are a great option as guppy fish’s tank mates. But there are a few fishes you need to avoid at all cost. Guppies are very tiny and peaceful which means they can easily fall prey to larger and more aggressive fishes. Here are some fishes you should avoid keeping together with guppies.

Barbs/Tiger Barbs


Tiger barbs and guppies are polar opposite. While guppies are peaceful and slow, barbs are fast and aggressive. And if kept together, barbs might attack guppies, who are basically defenseless.

Barbs might shred guppies’ tails and fins and injure them seriously. Sometimes causing death.


Both goldfish and guppy fish are beautiful species. And when kept together, they brighten up the entire aquarium.

Unlike barbs, it is possible to keep guppies and goldfish together. However, you need to take extreme measures while taking care of these fishes.

These two fishes survive in different water parameters. And there is your first red flag. And if you own larger goldfishes, they might eat the tiny guppies. So, its safe to keep them separately instead.

Oscar Fish

Guppies are peaceful fishes who loves a company of peaceful fishes. But putting them together with Oscar fish is a big no-no.

Oscar fishes are pretty aggressive. And they are larger than guppies as well. And there is a definite possibility that Oscars will hurt guppies. And sometimes they might even eat them. So, it’s not a good idea to keep them together.

African Cichlids

African Cichlids and guppies aren’t meant to be kept together. Cichlids are slightly bigger than guppies. And guppies are actually given as food to Cichlids. So, if you want to save your guppy fish, don’t keep it with African Cichlids.



If you have a huge tank and have guppies and angelfish in the same tank, guppies might survive. However, it is still not a good idea to keep them together.

Angelfish, contrary to their name, are pretty aggressive. And it is something that guppies won’t be able to tolerate. And in many cases, angelfish might eat guppies. So, it’s better to keep them separated rather than in the same tank.

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