Betta Fish Aquarium Kit Guide

Betta splendens. The name itself is quiet self explanatory, Betta fish are splendid. They are colourful, they are bright and they are simply beautiful. They are also one of the most easy to care for fish that makes them perfect beginner fish. But, as you might have heard in many blogs and articles, there are loads of misinformation floating around regarding the habitat of Betta fish.

In this article, we shall dive in deep and learn about the facts about Betta fish and the procedures and mainly pre costumed tank equipment that you need as a new Betta fish owner.

What Makes Betta Fish Different Than Other Fish?

Betta fish are nicknamed “Siamese fighting fish“, and not for nothing. They are quite active and also one of the most easily aggressive fish species. They do not like the presence of other tank mates so easily and hence should be kept separate. Another thing is that Betta males compete for space and dominance. Hence, two Betta males in the same tank can also spell trouble. They also like to zoom and zip around the tank as they are quite active.

Betta fish are Southeast Asian tropical fish. Cold temperatures below 65°F can kill it. Hence, you’d have to maintain a temperature between 75°F to 82°F and not let them be subjected to long periods of cold.

Betta fish also like to nestle among the leaves of the plants but they do not eat it. Hence adding plants to the tank can be a good addition.

One of the greatest myths surrounding them is that they can live in small bowls or small aquariums. But that is not true. You will require at least a 5-gallon tank to start with if you had to keep it as a pet.

So, these need special tending. You need to change the water regularly, feed the fish a varied diet. They do not eat plant elements and are meat-eating fish. Be very careful while putting them in the same tank with other fish as they are quite aggressive and avoid letting the water get cool for a prolonged time.

Best Betta Fish Tanks Reviews

Now, if you are a beginner, selecting an aquarium tank, the heater, filter, and all kinds of equipment that go with the tank can be a bit of a hassle. It may even dissuade you from keeping a tank at all. And that is exactly why there are pre-equipped aquarium tanks present in the market. And we will, in detail, discuss the features of the best of the best aquarium tank kits for Betta fish available in the market and help you understand which one fits your necessities.

Hagen Hg Fluval Flex Aquarium

Off the bat, let us say this is our top pick for the best aquarium tank kit for Betta fish. This comes from the Canada based reputed company Hagen which has been serving in this field for the past 30 years. So you know you can trust this.

The Fluval Flex 57 is a 57 liter or 15 gallons Nano Glass aquarium kit. It comes in the dimensions of 16 inches of width, 15 inches of depth, and 15 inches in height. Of course, not the largest aquarium you can find in the market but just perfect In size if you are just beginning with your fish keeping journey. This also makes it the perfect aquarium tank for Betta fish.

It has a fantastic looking black finishing along with fading color effects throughout the sides. This coloring and design along with the soft features give this aquarium a very contemporary look. What makes it more than and unlike your regular rectangular box kind of aquariums is its curved glass which adds to the character of the aesthetics of this tank.

This aquarium kit comes with Haggen’s patented three-stage filtration system which provides excellent mechanical, chemical as well as biological filtration for the best cleaning efficiency. The best thing about the filtration unit is that it does not leave any stones unturned in an effort to clean The water to a crystal clear.

Just like the filtration unit being top-notch, the lightning in the Flex 57 is also uncompromised. It consists of a 7500K LED lamp that provides the optimal full spectrum light for the best growth and colour correction in your Betta fish. And on top of that, the light settings come with a remote control that lets you programme the light settings. You can set it to a full spectrum of Reds, Greens, Blues and whites or even RGB + W colours. The flex 57 takes the lighting another notch up by letting you set special effects like a faded cloud over and lightning bolts. They definitely earn extra points for the aesthetics as well as the reliability of the lighting system.

Another very well thought design element is that it contains grid patterns around the top of the tank which reduces the visibility of the water lines.


  • The design is just eye-catching with convex front glass sharply contrasting the flatter sidewalls.
  • The volume of the tank allows the Betta with enough space to zoom and zip around.
  • The connective wirings can be easily hidden beneath the center of the tank.
  • The lighting system offers plenty of options and aesthetics.
  • The filtration unit is quite powerful and does its job wonderfully.
  • It provides you with extra space in case you want to keep additional filtration and heating units.


  • The black plastic portion although looks edgy but also makes it very susceptible to scratches and they are easily visible.
  • The filtration unit can be extra strong as it comes with no flow rate adjustability option.
  • The hood is quite flimsy and thin.

Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit

Our second Aquarium kit comes from the very reliable American company Tetra.

The aquarium tank comes in the size of five-gallon which makes it perfect tuck away aquarium for a bedroom or living room or dorm room. It has the dimensions of 15 inches of length, 9 inches of width, and a very respectable 11 inches of depth giving plenty of room for your Betta fish to zoom and zip around.

Talking about the design it has a curved crescent-shaped in the front and is seamlessly giving it a different look than your normal aquariums. It has a black back frame and a clear cover. The marketing feature with this is that it doesn’t use glass, instead is made up of acrylic. This makes it scratch proof and more resistant than glass but cleaning can be a bit of a hassle.

The top has a hinged plastic lid that offers easy access to different parts of the tank and also has a hole that can be used for feeding.

The LED lights are well hidden in the black back cover. They provide you with proper bright day time full spectrum lights that illuminate the tank well and provide the fish with necessary light time. The lights are low voltage powered and efficient.

The filtration unit in this aquarium kit is Tetra’s trademarked Tetra Whisper filter. Just as the name suggests, it is as quiet as a whisper. It provides three stages of filtration and does a great work of keeping your water clean and clear. Apart from that the kit also includes ultra activated carbon which helps to absorb the unnecessary color and odor from the water. The filtration unit is cartridge-based and also has a bio bag.


  • It has a very high capacity and efficient filter and thanks to the carbon-based filtering, there is little to no odor coming from the fish tank.
  • This aquarium tank provides you with an almost 360-degree view.
  • It’s easy for beginners to set up and use as the assembly is hassle-free and straight forward.
  • The filtration units don’t make any sound at all.
  • It is also one of the cheapest aquarium kits featured on our list.


  • Although the filter does a great job, many users complain that the filtration unit is too large for an aquarium of this size.
  • The hood consists of a hole for feeding but it also provides a space for the fish to jump out of or your cat to get a paw inside the tank.
  • The hood design may depend according to the older or the latest version that you may buy.
  • Marineland 5 Gallon Portrait Glass Led Aquarium Kit

MarineLand 5 Gallon Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit

Manufactured by, perhaps a bit underrated US aquarium company Marineland, this portrait glass aquarium is complete eye candy.

The tank itself has dimensions of 11.8 inches of length, 11.6 inches of width, and 17 inches of depth which provides enough vertical space to play around in the tank.

Weighing in at 12 pounds the tank takes 5 gallons of water. It is small and compact allowing you the versatility of placing it in any part of the house and still provide you with a decent volume.

The first thing you notice about this aquarium set up is how neat and pleasing it is to the eye. It’s thick curved glass tank and base are not just exceptionally built but also beautiful to look at. The curved edges separates it from the traditional designs of tanks. They allow you to view the tank from all angles, make the sweeping glass easy to clean and also reduce the chances of the tank to get shattered. It just looks elegant and expensive.

At the back of the aquarium, hidden away from sight is the compartment that houses the filter and the pump. This is another feather in the design section’s cap as this compartment contributes to the tank looking sleek and cluster free.

The bottom has a plastic base that supports the weight of the tank and keeps it sturdy.

The LED light hangs over the tank supported by a hinged plastic stand and features a combo of  9 white LEDs and six blue LEDs. The light offers a two-mode operation and 3 position switch. The white light mimics the white spectrum from the sunlight while the blue hue mimics the cool light from the moon.

It features a Marineland 3 stage Rite-Size Z cartridge filter technology providing all mechanical, chemical as well as biological filtration. It has an advanced bio-foam filtration unit where the carbon provides chemical filtration while the bio-foam provides with the biological filtration.


  • It is very easy to assemble and set up for working.
  • The LED light provides with 3 position switch and white and blue hue settings that mimic the natural environment of the fish.
  • The filtration unit in the tank is kind of those units that you upgrade to from your normal ones.
  • The tank looks absolutely gorgeous and minimal.


  • The brightness of the LED leaves you wanting more. The precluded light may not support all kinds of plants.
  • The tank kit doesn’t come with a water heater which you  separately need to buy.

Marina Led Aquarium Kit

Spanning across at 24 inches of length, 12.5 inches or width and a 16.5 inches of height, the Marina LED is one of the biggest aquarium tanks in our list. It also has a weight of 35 lbs to go with it. This doesn’t make it as compatible and movable as other tanks featured here.

The tank comes in 3 separate volumes of 5 gallons, 10 gallons or 20 gallons. However, the one we are talking about here is the 20 gallon version. This provides the fish with enough space to move around.  

The tank is made up of glass but it is lined with a special substance that ensures the tank doesn’t oxidise with time so that it does not change colour and is also tempered for scratch resistance and durability. And as the name suggests, the special oxidising substance allows you to put salt water or marine water in the tank to making it a versatile tank.

It has a Slim S20 clip on power filter and the company provides you with a single cartridge at the time of buying. The filter is quite small but does remove the alkaline residues as well as the chlorides and saves space too..

The lightning kit includes an LED natural light mimicking daylight that is connected to the hood of the tank. The bulb is specifically created to imitate the natural sunlight and is operated by a simple switch on and off switch.

When buying the aquarium kit you also get are fishnet, sample fish food and water conditioner too. The conditioner however is very important and a thoughtful addition as it helps convert normal tap water into water that is balanced and suited for the fish.


  • It is a very easy to set up and use aquarium kit for beginners.
  • The whole aquarium along with the filter are very low on noise pollution.
  • It’s compact design allows you to fit the tank almost anywhere in your home or office.
  • The bulb although doesn’t have an adjuster, is near about perfectly lit.
  • The glass is scratch resistant and the whole tank feels sturdy and properly built.


  • Some users have complained that many parts of the kit are not as durable as others.
  • The sealing component of the tank is also questionable as many have complained about leaks.
  • The filtration unit leaves you wanting for more power and efficiency.

Tetra 20 Gallons Complete Aquarium Kit

This complete aquarium kit has been manufactured by the very respectable and well known American company Tetra. Having a recognised name is not just a big selling point but also a hallmark of reliability.

The tank itself has dimensions of 24 inches of length, 12 inches of width and 17 inches height. With size like this it is quiet a deep tank for Bettas. But that allows you the room to play with.

As the name suggests it has a volume of 20 gallons.

When talking about features, this tank is fully loaded with all the value you would need for your buck. The starter package includes a very silent water filtration  system called a “Whisper Filter” , a hood integrated with LED lights, a heater, artificial plants along with plant mat. The package also includes fish food, water conditioner and other products that help as water purifiers.

The LED light setup makes sure the fish get the proper daytime and night time experience mimicking their natural habitat. They also provide with the necessary full spectrum lights and last longer than any other bulbs in the market.

The water heater ensures that the temperature in the tank does not fluctuate rapidly which leads to many health hazards for the fish. The filtration unit helps keeping the Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate levels below the sensitivity level preventing various diseases.

The filter is quiet easy to set up which makes it good for beginner aquarium owners. The maintenance is also quiet hassle free. The cartridges in the filter can be changed quiet easily.

The artificial plants and plant mats are not just aesthetically pleasing decorations for the eye but also provide the Betta fish some shade to hide from the sun or simply a place to rest behind.


  • It is built from Tetra glass which is highly scratch resistant.
  • It has a hood which helps to keep the water and the flora and fauna in it steady.
  • This kit includes almost everything you could need as a moderate aquarium owner.
  • The plant mat provides with an artificial substrate to install the plants properly.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty which is a sign of how much the company trusts it’s product.
  • The LED lights provide with bright and also just the necessary illumination


  • The filter and  heater may need replacement after sometime.
  • The LED lights start to slowly dim down with time and also need replacement.

Things To Consider Before Getting an Aquarium Kit For Betta Fish

The size and shape of the tank

Betta fish might appear small in size but they need a large enough area to swim around freely. Contrary to the popular belief, Betta fish do not do good in cup like containers or glass balls at all. A fish confined to such small environment live very miserable life.

So the minimum size of the tank you need is 5 gallons. The larger the tank the more space for plants, heater, filter and lights you have.

Another important factor is the shape of the tank. The circular shape of a bowl provides with small surface area for oxygen exchange and thus lowers the quality of the water. Rectangular or square shaped tanks allow for better oxygenation and more swimming space.

Filtration and lighting factors

Like any other fish, the Betta fish also need clean water to thrive. Filters and plants added do keep your tank toxin free. There are many aquarium kits listed in our list above that come with pre fitted filter. These filters ensure that the aquarium is effectively cleaned. However, you have to make sure that the water flow of the filter is not too high as these fish like low flowing water to swim.

The lighting unit should also be checked. Light time and dark time allows the fish to set up a sleep wake up pattern and also sets up feeding habits. The lights should provide with full spectrum natural light and should not overly heat the tank.

Other factors

You might want to check the material of the tank too. Whether it is made up of glass or acrylic, both have their own advantages. Glass is more durable, cheaper and heavier. Whereas, acrylic is lighter, more shatter proof but expensive.

Make sure the lid is secure as Betta fish are notorious for jumping out of the tank.


How do I setup a Betta tank?

  1. Pick the perfect spot for the tank. Make sure it is away from direct sunlight and also make sure you have space around for filter and heater.
  2. Put the filtration unit in. Check if it has any cut-outs for filtration fitting.
  3. Place the substrate. Rinse the gravel but don’t use soap.
  4. Put in the plants if you want to have some vegetation in the tank. Bettas love nestling under the plants.
  5. Pour in the water and run the filtration unit.
  6. Connect in the water heater.
  7. Pour in the water conditioner in case you are using tap water.
  8. Release your Bettas in the tank.

What is the ideal temperature for Betta fish to live in?

Bettas are tropical fish. They cannot tolerate cold temperatures for long periods of time. They need water temperatures to be at a range if 75°F to 82°F.

How frequently should I clean the tank?

If you have a tank smaller than 5 gallons (you shouldn’t), you need to clean the tank 3 to 4 times a week. If you have a larger tank, make water changes of 25% once each week and have proper filtration unit and water conditioners to help you with cleaning the water.


There can be many mistakes you can commit during the process of keeping you Bettas especially if you are a beginner. While we shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes, we should do our utmost best to cut down on the mistakes. This article was written keeping in mind that users would get a proper idea of things they should consider and options that are available to them in the market. Personally, we recommend you HG Hagen Fluval Flex 57. This has the perfect mixture of reliability, versatility and also includes necessary kits to ease you into the hobby of fish keeping. In addition, it is easy to set up and run.

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