Cats and Their Breeds

Cat is also a common pet nowadays and they brings happiness in our boring life. Cat are also a cutest pet and if we love them they will also treat us well. They makes you happier in return with lots of purrs and nuzzles. If you pet a cat then you will have cute little buddy to sit next to you and you will not feel alone. They like to sit on your lap and cuddle with you. Your pet cat will also help you to get rid of bugs and mice. Cats are clean pets and they are many amazing thing that cat may do. They also like to have fun and sometimes be so playful. Cats are just as diverse in personality as humans are. There are many reasons to own a pet cat.

–    Cats are a good companion, caring and friendly.

–    They do not require exercise as dog do, but they like to play with humans.

–    Pet cat who purr on your lap is a great way to relieve stress and blood pressure.

–    Research has found that having a pet cat might lower your risk of heart disease.

There are lots of Cats and Their Breeds Available. Here we have collected Best Cat Breeds according its size, behaviors and detail information about them.

List of Cats and Their Breeds that you should know and if you have plans to pet a cat:

Scottish Fold
Cats and Their Breeds - Scottish Fold

Scottish cat breed is the sweetest cat breed and looks like a stuffed toy. They usually have either folded or upright ear variety. They have short silky hair and their body size is medium. Scottish cat always follow you while walking from one room to another. They adore their families and are quiet and easy going. They like to be near to you and enjoy playing.

Cats and Their Breeds - Ragdoll

Ragdoll is named so because they like to go limp in your arms just like soft Ragdoll toys. They have oval blue eyes with semi-long silky coat. This breed is quiet, polite and adorable and easily trainable. Ragdoll are muscular but very soft and are indoor cats. They are one of the best manner cats and have the softest voices.  It is sweet temper and also gets along with children easily.

Cats and Their Breeds - Tonkinese

Tokinese are intelligent cat and cross of Siamese and Burmese breeds. They are a lap cat and loves to cuddle and purr. They are medium in size but surprisingly heavy when picking up. Tokinese have colorless eyes that reflect lights. They need attention, care and love. They prefer sitting with his owners and like to meet people love to entertain family and guests.

Cats and Their Breeds - Birman

Birman is a great companion for both happy and sad moment. This breed is pure white at birth and becomes golden cast color wears white socks on his paws when growing up. They are loving, loyal and faithful by nature. Birman are energetic while playing their cat game, also entertain you and always be there for you. They are one of the easiest cats to handle and are curious rather than reserved and fearful.

Cats and Their Breeds - Siamese

This breed has large ears and attractive baby blue eyes. They have short coats which are seal, chocolate, blue or lilac point. They love to speak, depend on human companion. Siamese are active than other breeds and great sleeping partner at night. When they are alone they become lonely  and sad.

Kurilian bobtail
Cats and Their Breeds - Kurilian bobtail

Kurilian bobtail is originated from Russia are cute which has pompom tail. They are very gentle, loving, smart and social. They like to interact with people and connects easily with people, other cats, dogs, and children.


Cats and Their Breeds - Burmese

Burmese has two different colors, sable brown and jet black. They are smart and comfortable in all indoor place. They are the quitter as too much chatting can cause bad throat. Burmese thrive on attention and make themselves comfortable on their lap. They are smart, energetic, playful, and a great companions.

Cats and Their Breeds - Sphynx

This breed has no hair on its body and looks unique. They are friendly outgoing breed and like tone close to humans. They are very warm and soft as they have no coat on his body. Sphynx like to cuddle and very loyal, intelligent, playful and adoring to their people. They like to play with humans, other pets, and children.

American curl
Cats and Their Breeds - American curl

American curl is found in many colors, have short hair, large curl back ear and soft and silky coat. They are adorable, friendly cat and can be adapt by anyone. They enjoy perching on shoulders and shows its love by patting and snuggling against its owners face. American curl are naturally clever and spend more time exploring its environment and playing games.

Cats and Their Breeds - Tiffany

They are also known as Chantilly. Tiffany usually has chocolate brown color coats. They are so soft that you want to keep in your lap and snuggle for hours. They have captivating oval eyes with the greenish halo around the iris. Tiffany have a soft, sweet voice and are the good companion for traveling and at a house. They do not like to be alone and are the great family cat. They also have the ability to stay calm and get along with children and other pets.

Persian cat
Cats and Their Breeds - Persian Cat

This breed is large or medium in size cat and are the great companion. They have huge round head with tiny ears, and the short tail. They may have many health problems such as sinuses and breathing. Persian Cat are famous for their long silky shimmering coats.  The most popular color for this breed is solid silver and more than 80 colors are available. They are intelligent and playful breed but remains inactive for long periods.

Cats and Their Breeds - Cymric

A Cymric breed bred from the Isle of Man. They are similar to Manx cat except for the coat which is long and thick. They have a muscular body and silky and shiny fur. Cymric are known for their loyalty and calm personality. They also get along with other animals mainly with dogs and if trains then perform tricks to entertain. They should be prevented from reaching in high sleeves because they may cause injuries while jumping from high.

Oriental short hair
Cats and Their Breeds - Oriental short hair

Oriental short hair is a Siamese cross from England in the twentieth century. They have large ears and almond shaped eyes and have many different coats. 300 color and patterns are available. They need the center of attraction and if not get become bad-tempered and sad. Oriental short hair are enthusiasm in what they do and always keeps you entertained. They love to chat and their voice is so softly.

Cats and Their Breeds - Korat

Korat has unique green eyes and his body is of a muscular grey-blue color which gives a glowing radiantly. They attaches with family easily and are very friendly. Korat loves to get attention and loves to sit on your lap. They also get jealous when other pets get more attention from their owners.


Cats and Their Breeds - Himalayan

This breed is medium to large size cat have short legs, long thick attractive coat, vivid blue eyes and a short tail. They are the indoor companion and like to speak and are active than Persian cats. Himalayan likes to play games and play with toys and have calm and peace loving personality. They get easily attached to their owners and want to be pampered.

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