Chihuahua All Information (Its Origin, Feeding, Training, Baby, Price, Care)

Chihuahua All Information | Chiwawa Dog Breed

Chihuahua dog breeds are tiny dogs which are very charming, graceful and sassy. A Chihuahua can be very different from one another. Every This dog has a different characteristic. Some can be bold and some can be timid, some can be very confident and some can be nervous, some are very lively while some are lazy. It can be 6 to 9 inches tall and can weigh 3 to 6 pounds heavy. A Chihuahua is known as the smallest dog in the world. As they are very tiny, it is not recommended if your house has little children under the age of 8. This is because children can cause injury to the dog. The average lifespan of a Chihuahua is 10 to 18 years long.

Origin and History

There are a lot of theories regarding the origin and history of the Chihuahua dog breed. The most popular theory is that Chihuahua originally came from the state of Chihuahua of Mexico. According to the theory, the people from the state started to sell the tiny dogs to tourists. Some of those tourists may have brought the dogs to the USA as their pets. During the time, the tiny dogs didn’t have any specific names so they were called from the name of the state that they were seen the most. So they were also called Mexico dogs, Chihuahua dogs, Texas Dogs and also Arizona Dog. As the time passed by, all the named faded away and the name Chihuahua stuck to the dog. Later, the dog breed was registered as Chihuahua.

Another theory is that this dog breeds are the descendants of the Techichi dog breed. This dog breed is very similar to the Chihuahua but was almost twice the size of the Chihuahuas nowadays. Also, it is said that the Techichi dog breed was mute and had very long coat whereas the Chihuahua can have both long and short coat. Some people also believe that Chihuahua is the cross-breed of Techichi and another dog breed named Chinese Crested. The Chinese Crested is small hairless dogs who are also known as the World’s Ugliest Dogs.

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In comparison with other dog breeds, Chihuahua dogs are very small so they need very less amount of food as well. The recommended amount of food for a Chihuahua is ¼ to ½ cup of high-quality food. Also, the main ingredient of the food you are giving to your Chihuahua should be meat. Similar to every other dog, Chihuahua dogs love to eat. They can eat as much as you feed them. Because of this, Chihuahua can easily overeat and can cause obesity. S you should be careful and calculate how much your dog eats in a day. Also, though giving treats to your dog is important during training, it is also important to limit those treats. You can also feed your dog a bit more or less depending on their physical activity, size, weight, and metabolism.


Chihuahua All Information - Chiwawa

Chihuahua is very intelligent dogs and has the wish to pleases their loved ones. Hence, they are very easy to train in comparison to other dogs. A Chihuahua becomes very happy when their owner praises them so they can do anything for the praise. However, you should not forget to treat them too so that they don’t lose the interest to please you. You can train them to follow basic commands such as come, sit or stay. You can also give them potty training and crate training as well.


The price for a Chihuahua can depend on many factors. The main factor is breeders. If you buy a Chihuahua from a good or renowned breeder, then the price will be higher than that of the local breeders. Also, the price will be very low if you decide to adopt a Chihuahua from any animal rescue organization. The average range for a Chihuahua from a good breeder is $400 to $12,00.


Chihuahua All Information - Chi Wah Wah Dog

Suitable to the small size of a Chihuahua, they give birth to a small number of puppies as well. The average number of puppies that a Chihuahua can give birth to is 2 to 5 puppies. However, some Chihuahua can also give birth to 10 to 15 puppies as well.

Diseases and Their Cure

Chihuahua All Information - Chiwawa Dog Breed

Dental Problems

As Chihuahua breeds are very small in size, they have more chances of having teeth and gum diseases as they have a very small mouth. Because of this, they have a very small gap between their teeth and the food that gets stuck in the gaps cannot come out easily. When those food pieces stay there for a long time, they can cause periodontal diseases. To prevent this, you must keep your dog’s mouth clean and go to regular dental check-ups.


Hypoglycemia is also known as low blood sugar which is extremely common in small sized dog breeds. This disease can easily be solved if in the first stage. However, if it is not treated then it can be life-threatening to the Chihuahua. Symptoms of this diseases are shivering or slowing down. If you see kind of symptoms, then you should feed your dog a little bit honey and then take them to the vet immediately.

Patellar Luxation

Patellar Luxation is also one of the common diseases in a small sized dog. This disease is also known as slipped stifles. In this diseases the alignment of the joints and bone of the Chihuahua’s hind leg becomes abnormal. As a result of this kind of abnormality, the patella to the side of the joint is displaced. The symptoms of this diseases if irregular hopping. The only cure for this diseases is to have surgical corrections.


Generally, Chihuahua’s have a soft spot on their head which is known as the molera. In some cases, this soft spot is very large which can cause Hydrocephalus. In this disease, the cerebrospinal fluid around the brain collects. The disease can cause partial or complete blindness, seizures, dementia or even death in the worst cases. To treat this disease, you must use diuretics and corticosteroids under the supervision of a vet. These help to reduce the production of cerebrospinal fluid. In some cases, your Chihuahua may need surgery as well.

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