Chow Chow All Information (Its Origin, Feeding, Price, Training, Care)

Chow Chow is a very unique looking dog and can be recognized easily among other dog breeds. The Chow Chow breed has a very lion-like head and might seem as ill-tempered or even mean but if a Chow Chow is raised properly then they are not aggressive at all. This dog breed can be very attentive with his favorite person and is very loyal to its family. It is said that this dog breed has independence like a cat, appeal like a teddy bear, nobility like a lion, drollness like a panda and the devotion and loyalty like a dog. This dog can be very protective when strangers approach their loved ones but this can be decreased if they are introduced to many strangers when they are young. This dog breed can grow from 1 foot 5 inches tall to 1 foot 8 inches tall and can weigh up to 40 to 70 pounds. The average lifespan a Chow Chow can have is 12 to 15 years long.

Origin and History of Chow Chow Dog

Chow Chow ChineseChow Chow dog breeds are one of the oldest dog breeds to be known in the history which has also been proven by experts through genetic testing. It is said that the Chow Chow breed was originated in Northern China and Mongolia. The pottery and paintings from the Han Dynasty who was in 206 BC to 33 AD, shows the existence of dogs resembling the Chow Chow dog breed. According to some Chinese people, one of the Chinese rulers admired the Chow Chow breed so much that he has around 2,500 pairs of Chows and used them as hunting dogs. The Chow breeds were also used as guard dogs to protect their owner’s belongings.

Besides these, there were some downsides to these breeds as well. During the time it was believed that the flesh of the Chow breeds was a delicacy. Also, their furs were used to trim coats for the royalties and nobilities. Before the name Chow Chow, this dog bred has several other names such as wolf-dog, Canton dog, Black tongue dog and bear dog. Later in the 18th century, the dogs were taken to Britain. At the time the miscellaneous items were referred as “Chow Chow” which then stuck to the dog as their breed name. Later, Queen Victoria who loved dogs took an interest in the breed which increased the popularity of the dog breed. Finally, in 1903, the Chow Chow dog breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club and was registered in the name “Yen How”.


Chow Chow Price

The recommended amount of food for a Chow Chow is 2 to 2 ¾ cups of high-quality food which can be divided into 2 to 3 meals a day. However, the given amount is just an average amount and could be increased or decreased based on your dog’s requirements. The amount of food you feed your dog depends on their size, age, metabolism, activity level, build and weight.

You can know if you should give your dog more or less by touching them. While touching if you feel their bones then you should increase the amount of food else you can keep it as it was or decrease it if you see rolls. You should also make sure to calculate how much they eat as they can easily overeat and become overweight which can effect in their health. You should also limit your dogs treat and not give them a lot even when they are being good or adorable.


Chow Chow dog breeds are very intelligent and are very quick learner making it easy for people to home train them. If you are a beginner at training dog than crate training is recommended for your dog. Crate training is said to be very easy and can make home training simpler. For this training, you just have to buy your dog a suitable crate. The crate must be of the perfect size and should not be small for your dog. While buying a crate, you should also buy some toys to keep inside. This will prevent your dog from developing separation anxiety and also the feeling of being alone. You can also give your dog respect training and potty training. If you are not able to train your dog, then you can consult a professional trainer or even hire them. If you want to train your dog by yourself then you can take reference from dog training videos on YouTube as well.


Chow Chow dog breeds are one of the most expensive dog breeds. It is ranked in the 8th position on the list of World’s most expensive dog breed. The average price to adopt a Chow Chow dog breed is $900.

Disease and Their Cure

Chow Chow - Chow Dog

Diseases are very rare in the Chow Chow dog breed and can be seen in them only after they are fully matured. There are very some cases where Chow Chow breeds go through certain conditions. Some of the diseases that can occur in the Chow Chow breeds are as follows:

Canine Hip Dysplasia

Canine Hip Dysplasia is one of the conditions that can be seen in the Chow Chow breeds. In this condition, the thighbone of the dog doesn’t fit into their hip joint which can cause them pain. However, generally, the dog will not show any signs of this condition. This condition occurs in a dog breed mostly through genes. So you should properly research about the breeder from whom you adopt your Chow Chow. Also, to be safe you should take your dog for regular check-ups to their vet.


Entripion is an eye condition seen in Chow Chow breed though it is not common. In this condition, the eyelid of the dog rolls inward causing them irritation and even injuring their eyes. This condition can occur in both eyes or only one as well. The symptoms that will let you know about this condition is if you see your dog rubbing their eyes. The only cure for this condition is surgery as soon as possible.

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