Top Ten Cutest Cat Breeds

Cats are the cutest animals and they have many different breeds. Also being cute and adorable they are loving and friendly. Here is the list of the cutest cat breeds that you may want to adopt.

  1.    Munchkin
    Cutest Cat Breeds - Munchkin

Munchkins are the cutest cat breed because of their character. They are similar to Persian and likes to cuddle and play. They have the sweet personality and intelligent.

  1.    Bengal
    Cutest Cat Breeds - Bengal

They look like to wildcat which has leopard spots in its body. Bengal is outgoing, spirited, cheerful and smart breed. They are cute, sincere, and energetic and can be trained easily.

  1.    American short hair
    Cutest Cat Breeds - American Shorthair

American Shorthair is the domestic cat and popular breed in the USA. They love to snuggle and are very playful. They have easy-going and calm personality.

  1.    Maine Coon
    Cutest Cat Breeds - Maine Coon

They are giant breed and have peaceful and calm nature compared to other cat breeds. Maine Coon are friendly and get along with peoples and other pets. They love to stay with their owners all day.

  1.    Siamese
    Cutest Cat Breeds - Siamese

This breed has blue eyes, silky coats and looks so cute. They are talkative and demanding for the owner’s attention and food. They are very desirable and need a little patience to bond with them.

Here you can watch the video of other Cutest Cat Breeds:

  1.    Ragdoll
    Cutest Cat Breeds - Ragdoll

They like to lounge rather than to play. Their body is a very soft body and is the delicate and complex breed. Because they are very fluffy they are so cute. They cannot protect themselves from predator so they should not leave alone.

  1.    Turkish Angora
    Cutest Cat Breeds - Turkish Angora

Turkish angora has a silky smooth tale and fine body. They are a smart, energetic and little bit naughty. They have blue ember eyes and need regular grooming.

  1.    Manx
    Cutest Cat Breeds - Manx

Manx breed is similar to do as Manx are as faithful as dogs. They are friendly and love to talk with people. They have a small tail or no tail sometimes. Manx can also be the man’s best friend.

  1.    Russian Blue
    Cutest Cat Breeds - Russian Blue

They have the blue slate coat and green eyes which make them unique. Russian Blue are smart and sometimes aggressive with strangers. They are gentle, quiet and loves to play especially like to jump and climb.

  1.    Himalayan
    Cutest Cat Breeds - Himalayan

Himalayan are adorable fluffy breed. They have big round eyes and have a very innocent face. They like to sit on the lap and need more attention from family members.

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