Dog Disease And Cure

Dogs are the faithful companions and have special connections with us. Dogs are our best friends and no matter what they won’t leave us in our hard as well as lonely times. So to help your friend to live a healthy and happy life you should know some of the most common health problems dogs face and treatment to cure them. Here are the common dog disease and cure/their treatments.

Dog Disease and Cure are as follows:

  • Dental Disease

dog disease and cure - Sick Dog

Dental disease is the most common dog disease and mostly after three years, the oral infection starts in dogs. Tartar and gingivitis are the most common oral problems among periodontal diseases, such as abscesses tend to occur more often in older dogs in the later stage of their life. Bad breath, loose teeth, changes in appetite mainly refusal to eat dry food, release of blood or pus from the mouth, drooling, bad irritation, swellings on the gums or under the tongue and discolored teeth and gums are the symptoms of dental disease.
For the treatment of dental disease teeth cleaning, extractions, and sometimes even a root canal is done.

  • Ear infections

Mostly dogs having large drooping ears seems to have ear infections. If your dog scratching or pawing at his ear, shaking his head then that is the good indication that he may have an ear infection. Redness of the ear canal, scabs around the ear, hair loss round the ear, balance issues, walking in circles, pain, and hearing loss are the symptoms of ear infections.
Firstly clean and dry the ear to cure for an ear infection. After that examination by your vet will determine the infection and treatment are done as per infection.

  • Skin infections (Dog Disease and Cure)

dog disease and cure - Bacterial Infection In Dogs

If your dog scratches incessantly then that is the sign of skin infection. Skin allergy is usually caused by food like corn, wheat, and soy. Bacterial infections can also be the cause of itching and can lead to problems known as Hot Spots which cause very painful sores, mainly for dogs with thick fur.
Depending on the skin infection, the vet may suggest shampoo to treat allergies or n antibiotic ointment for simple skin infections.

  • Stiffness and Pain

After the year of six or older, you may notice that getting up from a sitting or lying down position seems more difficult. These are the symptoms of stiffness and pain.
Keep your dog at a healthy weight to treat stiffness and pain. To maintain a healthy weight use glucosamine or a chondroitin supplement.

  • Urinary tract Problems

Frequent urination, blood in the urine, dripping urine, crying out while urinating, licking genital are the symptoms of urinary tract problems.
First of all, take your dog to vet and he will conduct urine sample to determine the type of infection and prescribe the treatment.

  • Obesity

If you cannot feel ribs on your dog’s body then that’s the indication of overweight. Obesity is quite obvious for most dogs but for those dogs that are bit furrier, the ribcage way is the best method to determine if they need to lose weight or not.
High-quality diet and regular exercise is the best treatment for obesity.

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