10 Essential Dog Training Tips | Dog Training Commands

It is important to train your Dog and teach them many actions and commands. Training can help your dog to be under control and social. This training can prepare your dog for a lifetime of good behavior and a great companion.

Here are some of the Dog Training Commands you can teach your Dog at Home:

  1. Teach him to come when called

Teaching your dog to come when called is the first thing to teach him. You should tell him to come using his name. After he comes to encourage him and give positive reinforcement. Try this when he is busy at something too.

  1. Emergency recall

Emergency recall teaches your dog to come in any situation when called. The emergency recall is used in an emergency situation like when he is about to run in front of moving vehicle. This is a different command and can save your dog’s life.

  1. Reward his good behavior

Reward your dog after doing a good job. This will encourage him to do training and good behavior. Reward him treats, toys, and love after doing the right thing.

  1. Walk on a leash

Dogs should be trained to walk properly on a leash.. This can teach your dog not to pull or lunge when on a leash and is more enjoyable for you and your dog. With me command is used in dog training.

  1. Leave it

This command is used to tell your dog not to take something that he is approaching. This command can prevent your dog from eating harmful things or your shoes.

  1. Drop it

Drop is used when he is picking something in his mouth and to let go of it. This can stop from consuming poisonous things which may cause harm.

  1. Teach him house rules

First of all decide where and what he is allowed to do. After that teach him not to do that thing that he is not allowed like biting shoes or sitting in your bed.

  1. Sit

This command makes your dog sit and prevent him from doing unwanted behavior like jumping. This command is usually teach in first.

Dog Training Commands sit

  1. Stay

This command is useful for numbers of situations. This command can also save your dog’s life from dangerous situations. If your dog knows the command stay then you can manage his behavior.

  1. Wait

Wait command say not to move to your dog until you say okay. It keeps your dog from bolting out of a door, his place, car or anything. Wait till your dog to be still to get the thing he wants.

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