Fascinating Facts About Cats

Fascinating Facts About Cats – Interesting Facts About Cats You Wanted To Know

Cats are the famous pet animals and wonderful companion. Their behavior is sometimes amazing and sometimes disturbing. Cats need your attention and time and become aggressive if not given. Cats are even easier than a dog and like to stay always clean. Living with cats is good for health too and bring happiness and warmth at home. If you have a cat or planning to have a cat then this article will help you to know more about the cat.

Here are the cats behavior that tell you why and what they do:

  • Peeing in personal belongings

It is disgusting that your cat urinate in your belonging. But this behavior may actually be relieving some of the anxiety your cat feeling. To prevent urinating by your cat on your belongings keep your belongings and place tidy.

  • Rubbing

fascinating facts about cats

Image: kitnipbox

Cats like to rub themselves against their owners. Owners thinks that this behavior is showing love towards them. By rubbing you they are transferring their scent to you. They transfer their scent from their sides and tails on to you. This behavior shows that they have your full attention.

  • Scratching

Cats usually sharp their claws by scratching surfaces. Cats rub their paws on the surface to transfer their scent. Scent gland is present on their paws. If your cat have scratching habit on something that area have different scent. Their scratching behavior can replace their scent from foreign scent

  • Meowing

Cat likes to communicate with a human. When cat meow to you then they want your attention and a special form of cat to human conversation. You can respond to the cat’s meow to encourage him.

  • Kneading

Kneading is a pleasant behavior to relax done by cats. They like to place their paws on top of soft object and your lap. Kneading first start with kittens while sucking milk from their mother to stimulate milk release. Cats continue this behavior for pleasant feelings.

Disturbing things cat do

  • They chew you

Sometimes cats also like to chew on people. They come close to you and put your finger on their mouth.They like to do this and that is so annoying.

  • They lick you

Another thing is they lick you and they have a sandpaper-like tongue. The most disturbing thing is they lick your face with their tongue.

  • They crawl all over you

All cat owners face this. Cats want to stay on top you that means they want to be in the middle of the face. They want to be close to you and sit on you. This shows that they love you but sometimes this is so annoying.

  • They disturb your sleep

Another disturbing thing cat do is they get in the middle of the bed in the middle of the night. Usually they find comfortable place on your face and sometimes it feel difficult to breathe. Usually all cat do this and there is nothing we can do.

  • Play at middle of the night

They play hard at middle of the night with whatever they can find, like water bottle, hair tie, and piece of paper, dust or anything. They can be so disturbing and irritating at middle of the night.

  • Meow only at nap time

When you are sleeping or someone is sleeping your cat will meow at someone. When you want peace and silent then suddenly your cat is hungry or your cat want something. They are peaceful but sometimes be so annoying

  • They stare at you

Cats have a creepy staring behavior. They are sometimes bit scary and stares at you. It’s not cute your cat sitting and staring at you.

  • They bang their head onto you

When your cat wants attention they use their head and slam into your body. It is so much annoying if you are cooking, sleeping and doing something. They won’t stop if they don’t get your attention

  • They put their bottoms on you

This is the disgusting thing that you don’t want. Cats want you to pay attention to them. They like to be on your face and rub all over you. Cats rub their bottom all over you and that’s so disgusting. They rub on your head, face, hands and everywhere.

Things cat do (Fascinating facts about cats):

Amazing things

fascinating facts about cats

  • Cat spend 70% of their life in sleeping. Cats are the most sleeping animal in the world.
  • Having a cat can reduce your stress, anxiety, and heart diseases.
  • A cat can make over hundred different sound. A cat can also communicate with their body language, biting, scent signals and interactions.
  • Cats are smarter than dogs and prove that they can solve complex problems than dogs.
  • Cats can jump six times its length because of their powerful muscles in their back legs.
  • They are very sensitive to dim light and can see one-sixth of the light humans need to see.

Weird things

  • Cat brings dead bird, mouse or animal in your house. As research, they share their prey with you as you share your home and food.
  • Cat likes to smell the things that they love. They like to smell your face and it is a positive behavior towards you.
  • Cats sleep in the strange places. They like to sleep on your laptop than on your bed. Boxes, books, sinks etc. are the place they like to sleep.
  • Catlike to rest on your chest that connects you to beat of their heart and warm you. They feel more secure and protected on your chest.
  • cats like to fight with your leg and this means they wants to play with you.
  • They make weird sounds when they see birds. This also means they are going to attack the bird.

Understanding cat body language by their sound and tail

fascinating facts about cats

Cats communicate in different ways. As being a cat as a pet you should understand their body language. Cats have a variety of sounds they mean something.

Short high pitched meow means hi to human. A number of short meow means they are happy. Soft, pleading meows means they are hungry. Low meow means they are not happy with you.

Cat makes a number of sounds to communicate like

–    Trilling: this sound is a mixture of meow and purr. It is used to get your attention.

–    Hiss: this is an aggressive sound means back off and warning.

–    Chattering: cat look outside and makes a chattering sound then this means they are watching a bird or prey.

–    Purrs: cats usually purr when they are under stress.

You can also understand cats by their tail. If your cat’s tail is upright then your cat is feeling confident but your cat’s tail is lowered then he is unhappy. And, if your cats tail is upright and shaking that means he is happy and comfortable with you. If your cat swishes his tail when he is aggressive or preparing to attack his prey. And, if your cat’s tail is curved like a question mark that means he is ready to explore and play. If your cat’s tail is fluffy and puffed at the same time then this means your cat is terrified of something or someone is going to attack him.

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