Fascinating Facts About Parrot

America’s fourth favorite pet is a Parrot and fourteen million bird live in the captivity across the United States and many of them are parrots. Pet parrots are an incredible and great companion to human beings. They are long-lived, intelligent and very social birds which need more attention otherwise can be bored and stressed. There are many Fascinating Facts About Parrot you didn’t know about.

Here are the Fascinating Facts About Parrot:

  1. Some parrots can grind their own calcium supplements. African grey parrot Alex was said to have the intelligence of a human 5-year-old. Male was eaten powder and it will offer a regurgitated calcium-rich snack to female before mating.
  2. Like other birds, parrots have four toes in foot. But instead of the usual three in front one behind the arrangement, Parrot toes are arranged for maximum grip, two in front and two behind like two pairs of opposable thumbs. They can even break world toughest nuts with the help of beak and toes.
    Fascinating Facts About Parrot
  3. Parrots have taste glands at the back of their throats and more than 300 taste buds are located on the roofs of their mouths.
  4. Pet parrot have a human lifespan and large species like macaws and cockatoos live for 35 to 50 years. An African grey named Tarbu in England was lived to the ripe old age of 55. Major Mitchell cockatoo is 82 years old is the current oldest parrot.
  5. From a research, it is found that different colors of feathers to a feather damaging bacteria strain and found that the pigments helped. To protect the glorious plumage from degradation.
  6. Parrots are famous for being chatty and in 1995, a cheery blue parakeet holds Guinness Book of World Record for his vocabulary skills, with a recognized set of 1728 words. Also, Amazon parrots are known for their singing capability.
  7. Male and female species of parrot look alike and it needs expert’s eyes or even a test to determine the sex.
  8. Parrots are the only bird that can eat with the help of feet. Parrots are also defined as left footed or right footed when it comes to pick up food.
  9. In few exceptions parrots are monogamous and spend their lives with only one mate. The pair bond are strong and they stay close during non-breeding season.
  10. Parrots lay two to eight eggs at one time. In most species female undertakes all the incubation varies from 17 to 35 days.

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