Healthy Parrot Diet And Nutrition

Healthy Parrot Diet Guide

The main problem of parrot is an imbalanced or incomplete diet which causes illness. It is important to keep your parrot healthy. To keep them healthy and live a long life is feeding him with a healthy diet. Fresh, healthy parrot diet and nutrition food keep them healthy.

Healthy Parrot Diet and Nutrition plays a vital role in their life to be healthy. The important part of his everyday diet is the everyday food he eats. Seeds are junk food for a parrot but they love seeds. Too many seeds can cause serious issues in parrot’s health. Veterinarians recommend 60 to 80 percent of parrot’s diet should be quality pellets which provide them basic vitamins and minerals that your parrot needs.

Healthy Parrot Diet And Nutrition - Healthy Food For Parrots

The fresh vegetable is very important to keep your pet healthy. Lettuce, spinach and green leafy vegetable are very good for their health. If your parrots eat lots of spinach make sure he has a good source of calcium in his body. Leafy vegetables have a lot of vitamins and low in fats. You can feed your parrot raw or lightly cooked vegetables. Broccoli and carrots are also healthy for the parrots. You can give raw or lightly steamed broccoli or carrots. Parrots lave carrot or broccoli matchsticks or broccoli slaw. They can be found anywhere in grocery stores. Cooked sweet potatoes and squash, green beans, corn, and sprouts are a good vegetable for the parrots. Hang the vegetable inside of the cage, this will also be the exercise for them.

Healthy parrot diet and nutrition also includes fresh fruits. Fresh fruits are also good for parrot’s diet and parrot loves fruits. As like people parrot should eat fresh fruit as they contain a lot of sugar, vitamins and have more nutritional benefits. Choose the fruits which have more nutrition in it. The darker the fruit it is better for a parrot. Fresh berries are also good for parrot diet. Berries like blueberries and raspberries have lots of vitamins. Bananas are also nutritious fruits for a parrot. Make sure to remove seed while giving him fruit. Some seeds like apple seeds are toxic for birds so only give them edible part of the fruit.

Home Cooked Food as Healthy Parrot Diet And Nutrition:

Some home cooked food is also healthy for a parrot. For breakfast offer them plain shredded wheat or slice of bread. Scrambles egg which has high protein are also healthy. Cooked pasta is also a healthy meal, you can also add pieces of cooked squash or sweet potato for extra nutrition and flavor.

Some food is toxic for a parrot. Avocadoes, onions, shallots are poisonous for a parrot. Avoid tangy vegetables, chocolate, caffeine, human junk food. Salt and sugar are also not healthy for a parrot.

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