Parrot and Their Breeds

Parrots are the popular pet birds. Parrot are kept as pet because of their cleverness and knowledge. They are also attractive and colorful. Unlike other pet birds, parrot have strong curved bill, upright stance, clawed feet. They have the ability to learn the mimic human speech and other sounds. Have a parrot as a pet is fun too. But as like other pet parrot need proper care like requirement for house, nutrition and attention, veterinary care. If you are planning to have a pet parrot then here is popular pet parrot breed. There are lots of Parrot and Their Breeds Available. Here we have collected Best Parrot Breeds according its colors, intelligence, behaviors and detail information about them.

List of Parrot and Their Breeds:

Parrot and Their Breeds - Cockatiels

Cockatiels are originated from Australia and their height is 30 cm and weigh 75-125 grams. They are second most popular pet bird in the world. They are easy to handle, sweet, personable, intelligent, fun and a great family pet. The male cockatiels can also learn how to talk. They are easy to train and great for apartment living. Cockatiels are of different colors and mutations. They are also a loyal companion and follow their owners like puppies.

Parrot and Their Breeds - Lovebirds

Lovebirds also are known as Agapornis was originated from Africa and Madagascar. They are 4-7 in tall and weigh up to 50 grams. The most popular type of breed that are kept as pet are Fischer’s, Masked and Peach-Faced. They are quiet, friendly, energetic and curious companion. Lovebirds get along with all members of family if they are socialized from young age. They can become nippy with young children if they are not hand fed and socialized from young age.

Small parakeet
Parrot and Their Breeds - Small parakeet

Small parakeets are the wide range of birds with different size, looks, and personalities. Parakeets are mostly quiet and have least talking abilities. Their talking ability depends on the species. They can be bit nippy and some are subject to night fears. Parakeet are a good pet for beginners.

Parrot and Their Breeds - Parrotlet

Parrotlet was originated in Mexico, South America, and Caribbean Islands. Their height is 5 in and weight is 20-30 grams. Parrotlets are mostly of green color but blue and lutino are also found. They are small parrots and are similar to Amazon. Parrotlet bird’s species are great for first-time owners. They are entertaining, playful, learned to talk and do tricks. Their voice is soft and joyful. They are fearless and become aggressive to other birds if they are not socialized. The most common pet parrotlet is Pacific Parrotlet. They don’t need big space and it is a pleasure to have them.

Parrot and Their Breeds - Caique

Caique was originated from Amazon Basin. Their height is 9” and weight is 170-200 grams. There are two species of caique. They are not for the beginners. They are always entertaining, energetic. Caique are playful, enjoy hopping around the house. They are also mischievous, stubborn and need to train from young age otherwise become nippy. Caique can learn to talk in limited amount and can learn tricks. They have a strong personality and are energetic bundles of joy. They have a powerful beak and some can even bite here and there.

African grey parrots
Parrot and Their Breeds - African grey parrots

African grey parrots were originated in Africa are of 12-14 inches height and weigh 400- 650 grams. Their color is silver or light grey with bright red tail feathers and black beaks. African grey parrots are the most intelligent and most talkative parrot species. They are great pet birds for the people who like to spend times with birds. African grey can learn large vocabulary like more than 1,500 words. They can even learn how to speak in different voices. They are one person bird and needs to socialize.

Parrot and Their Breeds - Conures

Conures were originated from Southern Mexico, South America, and Caribbean Islands. They are 22- 53 cm tall. They are of different colors but most common are of green to yellow. Conures are active, fun loving, curious, self-confident and affectionate bird. They are quite loud and need more experienced bird owners. They are not known for talking ability but can talk loud and become bit nippy. There are more than 40 different types of Conure parrot species with their own distinctive personality.

Parrot and Their Breeds - Pionus

Pionus parrot is originated from central and South America. Their height is about 9-13” and weigh 200-280 grams. Pionus are mostly of dark green color but some are also dark blue and bronze in color. They are great family pet and are for first time owners. They look similar to small amazons but are quieter than and not as aggressive as Amazon. Pionus have a soft and raspy voice and also have capable of talking. They don’t need much attention like other pet parrots but they do need daily interaction. They are good with children and all member of the family. Pionus are shy and nippy with strangers.

Parrot and Their Breeds - Poicephalus

Poicephalus are originated from sub-Saharan Africa and are 9-13 inch tall. They have a variety of colors and have different subspecies. They are entertaining, affectionate, and a good family pet. Poicephalus are also intelligent, curious, great sense of humor and can become one person bird if not socialize. They are fair talkers and good at copying sounds. Poicephalus like to play and enjoy chewing. They are good around chewing loves to learn tricks.

Parrot and Their Breeds - Amazons

Amazon was originated in Latin America. They are 9- 18 inches tall and 250 -700 grams weigh depending on subspecies. All Amazon has base green color and head color can vary from red, yellow, green, blue, white and lilac. Some are good family pet while others are one person birds and may attack other family members. They are cuddly, aggressive and loud. They are for experienced bird owners because they have unpredictable behaviors. Amazon have great body language so it is easy to tell when they are agitated. They have the great singing ability and some can even sing an entire song and even opera. They are an independent, loyal and talented companion.

Parrot and Their Breeds - Eclectus

Eclectus were originated from Indonesia, New Guinea, and northern Australia. They are 14 inches tall and 370 to 525-gram weight. Male Eclectus is bright green with yellow-orange beak and female Eclectus is red and purple with a black beak. They are intelligent and active pet bird. Eclectus need more vitamin A and calcium in their diet. They need more experienced bird owners. Eclectus don’t have a strong bond with other parrots. They are good with children. They are outgoing, curious, cuddly, love to perch near you and sit on your hand. Eclectus are entertaining, playful, active and intelligent species. They are capable of talking, can learn whole songs, love to imitate song but are not great training ability.

Parrot and Their Breeds - Macaws

Macaws are from smallest species to largest species. They are of 12 inches to 40 inches range. They have a variety of colors like blue and gold, scarlets, and green wings. Macaws are beautiful bird species with intelligent and lot of personality. They should be trained from young, some even try to hurt their owner with his large beak. Macaws are great at escaping and loves to chew and destroy stuff. They are wonderful companion but they are not for the beginners.

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