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Pet Tortoise vs Pet Turtle

Pet Tortoise vs Pet Turtle | Pet Tortoise And Turtle Difference

Turtle and tortoise are popular pets nowadays. Turtles and tortoises have the same classification of animal type down to being in the same order, the Testudines’, but tortoises are in the family Testudinidae while turtles are in several families depending on the species of tortoise.

Turtles are reptile that spends the majority of its time in or near water. They frequently have a smooth, thin, streamlined shell and webbed feet for swimming if you see shelled reptiles swimming in a water-based habitat, then it is a turtle. Tortoise is a reptile that lives on land and seeks water (fresh, not salt) only to bathe, soak and drink. A tortoise usually has a high, domed shell and rougher skin with stocky legs and clawed feet for walking and digging.

If you see shelled reptiles which are sunning under a lamp on a bed of sand or moss with only a shallow dish of water for drinking and bathing, then it is a tortoise. Turtles baby are cute can bond with your new pet from day 1 or at least day 30 or so. The lifespan of the turtle is 20 to 40 years and whereas the lifespan of tortoise is 80-150 years. Turtle have generally a light-weight shell and tortoise has a heavier shell. Turtle Eats fruits, veggies, leafy vegetation and meat, hence they are omnivores. And the tortoise is usually herbivores. Turtle hatchlings stay in their nest on their own for 90-120 days. Tortoise hatchlings move from their nest to the mother’s burrow soon after birth.

Turtles require a tank with a lot of water with the recommendation that you have 10 gallons per inch of the shell that the turtle has. As turtles are also very messy animals, a strong filtration system is needed. Tortoises need space to move around and explore but they need a smaller water dish to drink out rather than space to swim off as they are land animals. Tortoises will need to be soaked in warm water regularly to help keep them hydrated.

Both turtles and tortoises are great pets but have different habitat needs which will likely be the main deciding factor in choosing which is right for you.

Pet Tortoise vs Pet Turtle (Differences):

Trait Turtles Tortoise
Habitat Water some or most of the time Land
Feet Webbed feet with long claws Short and sturdy
Life Span 20-40 years 80-150 years
Food Omnivores Mostly herbivores
Shell Streamlined for swimming More dome-shaped

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