Top 10 Largest Dog Breeds

There are many Dog breed in this world. Some people prefer tall dogs whereas some prefer small ones. Despite being large in appearance, these dogs are loving, protective and get along with the children and family. We have collected Top 10 Largest Dog Breeds, which are friendly and loyal.

Here is the list of Top 10 Largest Dog Breeds:

  1.    Irish Wolfhound
    Top 10 Largest Dog Breeds - Irish Wolfhound

The Irish wolfhound is the tallest dog in the world which is gentle, friendly and kind in nature and energetic, strong and athletic. This breed was originated from Ireland and used for war dog and hunting. Their height is 28-35 inches and weight is 90-150 pounds.

  1.    Great Danes
    Top 10 Largest Dog Breeds - Great Danes

Great Danes are tall, giant dogs which are originated from Germany. World tallest dog “Gibson” was also from Great Dane breed. They are friendly and reliable with kids and other animals. The height of Great Dane is 71- 81 cm (female) and 76-86 cm (male). Their weight is 45-59 kg (female) and 59-90 kg (male).

  1.    Scottish Deerhound
    Top 10 Largest Dog Breeds - Scottish Deerhound

Scottish deerhound was originated from Scotland and used for hunting. They are tall and athletic dogs which have excellent running strength and speed. Their height is 30-332 inches (male) and 28 inches (female). Their weight is 85-110 lbs. (male) and 75-95 lbs. (female).

  1.    Tamaskan Husky
    Top 10 Largest Dog Breeds - Tamaskan Husky

Tamaskan husky was originated from Ireland to work as a sled dog. They are also known as wolf-dog which is a tall and athletic dog. They look similar to wolf and are always alert, intelligent, protective, calm and friendly. Their height is 61-66 cm (female) and 63-71 cm (male). The male weight is 66-99 pounds and female is 50-84 pounds.

  1.    The Great Pyrenees
    Top 10 Largest Dog Breeds - The Great Pyrenees

This breed is originated from central Asia or Siberia which is a sheep guard. This tall strong dog height is 70-82 cm (male) and 65-74 cm (female). The weight of the male is 50-54 kg and female is 36-41 kg.

  1.    Bucovina Shepherds
    Top 10 Largest Dog Breeds - Bucovina Shepherds

They originated from Romania and bred to protect livestock and guard the nation. They need to be trained and socialize otherwise become dominant. Their height is 64-72 cm (female) and 68-78cm(male). Their weight is 32-41 kg (male and female).

  1.    Anatolian Shepherd
    Top 10 Largest Dog Breeds - Anatolian Shepherd

Anatolian Shepherd was originated from Anatolia, Turkey especially to protect livestock. They are tall, strong, aggressive, protective dogs and looks similar to the Great Pyrenees. Their height is 20-30 inches for male and 26-28 inches for female. Their weight is 100-150 pounds (male) and 90-130 pounds (female).

  1.    Kangal
    Top 10 Largest Dog Breeds - Kangal

Kangal is a giant dog which is originated from Sivas province of turkey to protect livestock. They have the most powerful bite force. They are always an alert, protective and reserved dog. Their height is 72-77 cm (female) and 77-86 cm (male). Their weight is 41-54 kg (female) and 50-66kg (male).

  1.    Neapolitan Mastiff
    Top 10 Largest Dog Breeds - Neapolitan Mastiff

These breeds were originated from Italy and are a guard dog. They are giant, friendly, quiet and loving in nature. Their weight is 63-77cm (male) and 58-70 cm (female). Their weight is 60-70kg for male and 50-60 kg for female.

  1.    Leonberger
    Top 10 Largest Dog Breeds - Leonberger

Leonberger was originated from Leonberg, Germany and looks like a mini lion. They are tall, giant, intelligent and calm. They are known for their devotion and affection towards their family. Their weight is 65-75 cm for female and 72-80 cm for a male. Their weight is 41- 59 kg for female and 48-75 kg for a male.

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