Top Ten Cheap Cat Breeds

Different Cat Breed cost different according to their breed and places. Most of the people love cat and like to pet them. If you want to pet a cat and searching according to less budget, then here is the list of Cheap Cat Breeds that you can afford.

  1.    Manx

Manx is the friendliest cat in the world and cost you only $200 to $250. This breed is originated from the Isle of Man has a short tail and short forelegs. This breed has a soft and silky coat that makes them cute. Manx are easy going cat and are very social.

  1.    Turkish Van

Turkish van is originated from Turkey and United Kingdom. This breed also cost you only $200 to $300. This breed have beautiful eyes and silky semi-longhair coat. They are healthy and does not need more maintenance.

  1.    Havana Brown

Havana brown is originated from England and cost you around $200 to $300. They are short brown hair cat with gorgeous green eyes. They are playful and curious and does not like to stay alone.

  1.    Snowshoe

Snowshoe has a great personality and cost you $200 to $300. They are calm, loving and like to be with their owners. They are smart, are very easy to train likes to learn tricks.

  1.    Maine coon

Maine coon price is around $250 to $450. They are domestic cats and also known as “gentle giant”. They are very intelligent, can train easily and enjoy learning tricks. Maine coon are talkative and playful by nature.

  1.    Himalayan

Himalayan is the long hair cat breed. They are similar to Persian and have blue eyes and silky long coat. They are sweet, calm and playful and cost you around $300 to $375.

  1.    Oriental short hair

Oriental short hair is similar to Siamese in its body type and in nature.  They have almond eyes, triangle shaped head and large ears. They are playful, social and cost you around $200 to $650.

  1.    Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex has no hair except for undercoat and this breed is famous in the USA. They are easy to groom, healthy and indoor cats. They cost from $200 to $550.

  1.    Munchkin

Munchkin is cute, small, loving and highly people-oriented cats. They are low maintenances and cost you $300 to $450.  They are joyful outgoing cats.

  1.    Siamese

Siamese is the most human-friendly cat are sweet in nature. They are intelligent, affectionate, playful, and cost $200 to $400.

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