Top Ten Expensive Cat Breed

Cats are the most popular pets in the world. Cats like to stay clean and friendly. There are many expensive cat breed depending on the rarity and purity. Are you willing to pay a huge sum of money for rare cat breed? You will surely get amazed seeing the price for a pet Cat. Lets checkout the World Top Ten Expensive Cat Breed.

Here is the list of Top Ten Expensive Cat Breed:

  1.    Ashera

Ashera is mixture from the Asian leopard cat and a domestic cat. They are similar to Bengal cat and is the most exotic domestic cat. This cat has the leopard-like appearance and costs up to $100,000. They are friendly with children, intelligent and loyal.

  1.    Bengal
    Top Ten Expensive Cat Breed - Bengal

Bengal is also a mixture from the Asian leopard cats and household cats. It looks similar to wildcat like a leopard. However they look like a wildcat, they are friendly like a house cat. They cost up to $25,000.

  1.    Savannah
    Top Ten Expensive Cat Breed - Savannah

Savannah is crossbreed of wild African cat and a domestic Persian cat. They are loyal like dogs and socialize with other pets and strangers. Their price depends on the gender and can cost you up to $50,000.

  1.    Allerca hypoallergenic cat

Allerca hypoallergenic cat cost $6000 to $28,000. According to research, in this cat breed, allergic reaction in their saliva and skin are founded. Allergies are caused from this cat breed so scientists tried to disable the gene too.

  1.    Peterbald
    Top Ten Expensive Cat Breed - Peterbald

Peterbald is originated from Russia and is of different types. It has a hair losing gene which makes them unique. This cat is curious, energetic, has a muscular body and cost up to $5000.

Here you can watch the Top Ten Expensive Cat Breed:

  1.    Russian blue
    Top Ten Expensive Cat Breed - Russian Blue

Russian blue is well-known for its slate grey colored thick coat. These cats are playful, smart, curious, and get along very well with children and other pets. They were even sold for $3000.

  1.    Sphynx
    Top Ten Expensive Cat Breed - Sphynx

They have lack of hair in its body and this feature makes them unique. They are not hairless, their skin has a surface of hair. Sphynx are loyal, affectionate toward owners and friendly with strangers.  They cost up to $300 to $3000.

  1.    Scottish Fold
    Top Ten Expensive Cat Breed - Scottish Fold

Scottish fold has flexible ears and their ear is folded. Their appearance looks sad but they have very happy and energetic personality.  They cost up to $300 to $3000.

  1.    British shorthair cat
    Top Ten Expensive Cat Breed - British shorthair cat

British shorthair cat has a chunky body and broad face. This cat is popular in many cat shows and is a friendly and indoor cat. This cat costs $500 to $1500 depending on where you buy.

  1.    Egyptian Mau
    Top Ten Expensive Cat Breed - Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau is small and has natural spots and shorter front legs. It has long, dark dorsal stripe from head to tail of the spine. Egyptian Mau are one of the loyal cat breed and get along with everyone.

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