Top Ten Laziest Dog Breeds

Each Dog breed has different characteristics. Some dogs are active whereas some does not want to work out as much as you do. However, all dog must require a daily walk and daily play. There are some dogs who need less energy. Here is the list of Top Ten Laziest Dog Breeds.

  1.    Basset Hounds
    Top Ten Laziest Dog Breeds - Basset Hounds

Basset hounds have short legs and long bodies and keep the couches warm.  They are lazy when they are inside the house. Once outside, this breed is active and snuffle for hours. This breed was raised to hunt and have the power to sense the smell in second. They are gentle, faithful and well behaved.

  1.    Greyhounds
    Top Ten Laziest Dog Breeds - Greyhounds

Greyhounds are known for racing 40+ mph on the track but they are also one of the lazy breeds. They are gentle breed also known for sleepy 18 hours a day. They are quiet, dedicated, loving and friendly with children. Greyhounds are delicate to cold weather and prefer sitting by the warm place.

  1.    Havanese
    Top Ten Laziest Dog Breeds - Havanese

They are toy breed but require daily exercise. They are considered as a true pet friend. Havanese are loyal, smart, loving and get along with people of all ages. They have soft and silky hair so requires a little more maintenance than other.

  1.    Great Dane
    Top Ten Laziest Dog Breeds - Great Dane

Great Dane is massive and tallest dog breed. They grow very fast and too much of exercise can cause health problems. These breed requires daily walk but don’t overdo it. They have a slow metabolism and can need more sleep than other breeds.

  1.    English Bulldog
    Top Ten Laziest Dog Breeds - English bulldog

They prefer to lay out with loud snores pouring out their smushed faces. They like to lay on the couch all day and get tired easily. English Bulldog are the best roommate and the cutest.

  1.    Shih Tzu
    Top Ten Laziest Dog Breeds - Shih Tzu

They are little cute breed and like to do nothing but stay with their owners. They look attractive because of their long fur. Shih Tzu are apartment dogs, does not need much workout and walk. They are loving and always alert.

  1.    Chow Chow
    Top Ten Laziest Dog Breeds - Chow Chow

Chow chow like to spend time on the couch than other. They are sensitive to heat and prefer lying on cool indoors rather than running and playing. They are a perfect cuddle buddy.

  1.    Pug
    Top Ten Laziest Dog Breeds - Pug

Pug are not active like other breeds and don’t need many activities to have fun. They are delicate to hot weather and cause breathing problem. This breed sometimes tends to eat too much and get too fat.

  1.    Chihuahua
    Top Ten Laziest Dog Breeds - chihuahua

Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed and like to cuddle on your lap. They are small in size so can get easily hurt and get snappy in defense. They are one person dog and loyal to their owners.

  1.    Newfoundland
    Top Ten Laziest Dog Breeds - Newfoundland

Newfoundland looks like a teddy bear and need encouragement to exercise. They are lazy and sometimes refuse to move. But usually they are protective of their human and many of them have rescued humans and other animals.

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