Top Ten Strongest Dogs

There are many strongest Dog breed in the world. All dogs are strong on their own way. Being Strong, they are very loyal, friendly too. They should be well trained and controlled from their early age. Here we have collected world’s Top Ten Strongest Dogs.

Here is the list of Top Ten Strongest Dogs breed:

  1. German shepherd

    Top Ten Strongest Dogs - German Shepherd

The German shepherd is the strongest, attractive, loyal and smart breed. Because of their strength and smartness, they are mostly in the police, military, security agents, law enforcement and many more. They have a powerful smelling sense and powerful body.

  1. Siberian Huskies

    Top Ten Strongest Dogs - Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies have been pulling sleds and carrying people and supplies from the time when they were origin. They have wide shoulders and strong body. They are strong also in bad weathers.

  1. English Bulldog

    Top Ten Strongest Dogs - English bulldog

English bulldog have muscular physique and are small. They were bred to fight and herd bulls in earlier days. They are an aggressive and obedient character and very good around the children.

  1. Pitbull

    Top Ten Strongest Dogs - PitBull

Pitbull was origin for fight. They have muscled body and are strong. If a pit bull jump at you with his full force then it feels like hit by a cannonball. They are very strong and used to pull weights these days. They should be trained otherwise they become aggressive.

  1. Dogo Argentinos

    Top Ten Strongest Dogs - Dogo Argentinos

They were bred to chase wild animals. They were also used at fights because of their strong body. Dogo Argentinos are tall with a muscular body and loyal to their owners.

6. Rottweilers

Top Ten Strongest Dogs - Rottweilers

Rottweilers are loyal powerful, defensive and physically very strong. They are German bold breed used to herd entire cattle. They are also used to pull the carriage and transporting supplies. Rottweilers need to be trained in early age else it becomes violent.

  1. Alaskan malamute

    Top Ten Strongest Dogs - Alaskan malamute

They are the strong powerful muscles and they have strongest back. They carry and pull large weights in difficult roads. Alaskan Malamute look similar to Siberian Huskies and usually used in mountains. They are taller and heavier than Siberian husky.

Alaskan Malamute vs Siberian Huskies

  1. Carpathian Shepherds

    Top Ten Strongest Dogs - Carpathian Shepherds

They were used for keeping sheep safe at mountains to protect them from bears, wolves, and lions. They have the toughest personality and can fight with wild and strong animals. Carpathian Shepherds are tall with muscular body, legs, shoulders and very powerful jaws.

  1. Saint Bernard

    Top Ten Strongest Dogs - Saint Bernard

This is a Swiss dog that was used to hunt missing tourists, stuck in avalanches. They can dig huge amount of snow and reach tourist bodies and drag them back to safe land. They are a powerful and loyal dog.

  1. Kangal

    Top Ten Strongest Dogs - kangal

Kangal is one of the oldest breed that herd and guard livestock. They can fight with large and dangerous animals. They are good guard can fight against the predators.

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