Goldfish and Types of Goldfish

Goldfishes are one of the most common kinds of fish you would see in any aquarium. Goldfishes are one of the easiest Fish Species to keep and are the perfect fit for the first timer in keeping a fish or even a pet. They are generally very peaceful and friendly so they can easily live along with other fish species as well. Since, Goldfishes release waste more than any other species, their water must be changed weekly for them to remain healthy. In a normal tank, a goldfish can grow up to 4 inches but if kept it large tanks, they can grow up to 8 inches as well. The maximum length of a common goldfish recorded is 18 inches.  The water temperature must be maintained between 65 to 72 degrees F. The goldfishes reproduce by egg scattering. There are a lot of Types of Goldfish available in the market.

The Most Common Goldfish Varieties / Goldfish Species:

  1. Common Goldfish

The common goldfish is the easiest and hardiest goldfish among the goldfish species. The common ones are also known as the feeder goldfish. They come in a variety of colors such as calico, white, yellow, red, orange, and black. The most common color of this species is shiny orange and the rarest one of the black one. The yellow and pure white goldfishes are also one of the rare ones. These common goldfishes can be kept in a round aquarium or an aquarium of 20 gallons of capacity minimum. If kept in proper water condition and taken care of, then a common goldfish can live up to 20 years.

  1. Comet Goldfish
    Comet Goldfish

The Comet goldfishes are very similar to the common goldfishes but are more reddish in color while the common ones are more orange. The most common comet goldfish is reddish colored but they are also available in red, white, yellow and orange. Some Come goldfishes are also bi-colored such as red white as well. If kept in properly taken care of and are kept in the correct water condition, the comet goldfishes can live up to 14 years. They must be kept in an aquarium within minimum 15 gallons of capacity.

  1. Shubunkin Goldfish
    Shubunkin Goldfish

The Shubunkin goldfishes are beautiful with their multi-colored scale. They have blue, black, orange and red color on their body making them look very beautiful. Shubunkin goldfishes have the blue color as the background so how much blue they that, that must valuable they become. The Shubunkin goldfishes are also known as harlequin goldfish, coronation fish, speckled goldfish and calico goldfish. This goldfish is the crossbreed between the common goldfish and the calico telescope-eye goldfish. These goldfishes have an average lifespan of 10 years if kept in an aquarium, 25 years if kept in ponds and even 30 years if kept in proper water conditions. The Shubunkin also has three varieties which are known as London, Bristol, and American. The London Shubunkin looks more like the common goldfish with non-flashy fins. The Bristol Shubunkin are relatively larger with rounded edged and large fins. The American Shubunkin has more similar body shape to the Comet goldfish and has a large drooped tail. The minimum capacity aquarium for Shubunkin is 15 gallons.

  1. Nymph Goldfish
    Nymph Goldfish

The Nymph Goldfishes have a more egg-shaped body while the above goldfishes have a long body. The Nymph Goldfishes are the cross breed between the Comet goldfish and the Fantail goldfish. Any modified fancy goldfish with a single tail is considered to be a nymph goldfish.

  1. Wakin Goldfish
    Wakin Goldfish

The Wakin Goldfishes are one of the strongest goldfish species. They are most suitable for keeping in ponds rather than aquariums or fish bowls. The Wakin goldfishes come in various colors such as red, white and red, and red, white and black. These fish species have a very similar body shape as the common goldfishes but has a very exotic appearance. These fishes also have double caudal fin which looks very similar to the Fantail goldfish. There is another kind of Wakin goldfish as well which is known as the Jikin goldfish. It is very similar to the Wakin goldfish but its double caudal fins and the anal fins splay outward.

  1. Fantail Goldfish
    Fantail Goldfish

The Fantail Goldfishes also has an egg-shaped body with a set of caudal fin which is stable and is divided and forked. A Fantail goldfish can have varieties of colors and patterns. They also come in solid colors such as yellow, orange and red. These fish species are very beautiful to look at and is said to have been originated in China. There is also a Japanese version of Fantail goldfishes which is known as Ryukin goldfishes. The Ryukin goldfishes also have a similar body type as Fantail Goldfishes but with a shoulder hump.

  1. Pearlscale Goldfish
    Pearlscale Goldfish

Pearlscale goldfishes also have an egg-shaped body. They are rounder and shorter than other goldfishes. They also have a swollen belly which looked a lot like a golf ball but has a straight back. These fish species are the newer species in the fancy goldfish category. The Pearlscale goldfishes are found in other colors such as red, calico, blue, black, red white and chocolate. They look very attractive in the tank due to their whitish pearl-like raised scales. However, these scales can fall off after which normal scale will grow back. So, you should not keep any rough object in their aquarium to prevent their beautiful scales from falling.

  1. Telescope Goldfish
    Telescope Goldfish

The Telescope goldfishes are also very similar to the Fantail fishes but differ through their eyes. The name Telescope goldfish is because they have protruding eyes. Due to their protruding eyes, there is a huge chance that they hurt their eyes which can cause blindness. So rough things should no be kept around them. Also, due to the eyes, they have a zoomed and limited vision which increase the risk of them running into things in the aquarium. These fishes also come in black color. However, many people believe that the black ones are called black moors and are a separate species of goldfish but the only difference between Telescope goldfish and Blackmoor is the color.

  1. Oranda Goldfish
    Oranda Goldfish

The Oranda goldfishes are also one of the popular goldfish species. These fish are mostly liked for their unique fleshy growth on the top of their head which is known as the wen. These fish species also have an egg-shaped body with dorsal fins. They come in various colors such as black, red, chocolate, calico, red white and others as well. The most famous one is the Redcap Oranda. The Redcap Oranda has a full white body with just the wen which is red colored making it look like a red cap.

  1. Curled-Gill Goldfish
    Curled-Gill Goldfish

The Curled-gill goldfishes are a very rare goldfish species. They get their name from their body as their gills are turned outwards. These fishes are also known as the Reversed-gill goldfish.

  1. Veiltail Goldfish
    Veiltail Goldfish

Veiltail goldfishes are one of the most beautiful goldfish species. They have gorgeous long tail and fins. Due to their beautiful long fins and tail, other fishes may be attracted to them and can nib their long fins. So it is recommended that they are kept with their own species. Also due to the long fins and tail, they have very slow movements.

  1. Tosakin Goldfish
    Tosakin Goldfish

The Tosakin goldfishes are also known as the curly fantail goldfish and are the only species with undivided double tail fins which are curled at the ends. They have egg-shaped body shape and though having a double tail, it is joined in the middle making it look like a single tail. Unlike other goldfishes, the Tosakin goldfish is delicate and is not recommended for first timers in keeping fish. Also, they are very slow swimmers so they should not be kept with quick swimmer as they may not be able to compete for the food and may be bullied by other fishes.

  1. Eggfish Goldfish
    Eggfish Goldfish

The Eggfish goldfishes are very similar to the wakin goldfishes except they do not have dorsal fins. Normally, all fishes have dorsal fins as these fins provide stability in water and prevent them from rolling in the water. Some other goldfish species that don’t have dorsal fins are Pompom goldfish, Lionhead goldfish, Ranchu goldfish, Celestial eye goldfish and Bubble eye goldfish.

  1. Pompom Goldfish
    Pompom Goldfish

As mentioned above, the Pompom goldfish also don’t have dorsal fins. They got their name from their appearance as they have fleshy nasal outgrowth which looks like two pompom balls. They come in various colors such as orange, black, silver, yellow, white and blue. Also, because of no dorsal fins, they are very slow, so they should not be kept along with the quick swimmer fishes.

  1. Lionhead Goldfish
    Lionhead Goldfish

The Lionhead goldfishes are the most popular ones among the dorsal finless goldfishes. These species were developed in China. They get their name from their appearance as they have a “hood” which makes them look like a Chinese lion dog. They also come in various colors such as orange, red, black, clue and chocolate. Lionhead goldfishe also come in bi-color and tri-color. Also, another famous variety is the white one with a bright red head.

  1. Ranchu Goldfish
    Ranchu Goldfish

Ranchu Goldfishes are another dorsal finless Chinese fishes which are popular all over the world. They are very similar to Lionhead goldfishes except they have more arched back and have a shorter tail. They come in a variety of colors such as bi-colors as gold and white Ranchu, red and white Ranchu and many more.

  1. Celestial Eye Goldfish
    Celestial Eye Goldfish

The Celestial eye goldfish is one of the most unusual looking goldfish as their eyes are mounted on the top side which constantly gaze upward. They come in various colors such as orange, pretty calico, and black. As their eyes are permanently looking at the sky, they are known as Stargazer in China. These goldfishes are also very difficult to care for and are not recommended for beginners. The Celestial eye goldfish are prone to disease and need to be kept in proper water condition and care.

  1. Bubble Eye Goldfish
    Bubble Eye Goldfish

The Bubble eye goldfish literally has bubbles around their eyes. Their water bubbles start to develop in them when they get 6 to 9 months old. These water bubbles are very delicate and can be burst easily. So, you must not keep any rough things inside the aquarium where you keep you Bubble eye goldfishes. Also, though the bubble can grow back, it can cause infection to them and also the re-grown bubble will not be the same size as before.  These species are also not recommended for beginners.

There may be other types of Goldfish available but these are the most common Goldfish Species.

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